Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday 27th April

Today was interesting. A surprise test in first lesson, YAY! Screaming on the inside. Best part of the day was arranging a 'Video Lock In' with my best (and slightly disturbing) friend. We'll be the next Smosh on Youtube, so stay tuned... You'll see a very hilarious (dirty) side to me! I also cleared a GCSE project out the way, yay. Turns out mine's going to be in the 'sample' sent off. Sample's are samples of the low level work and the high level work. Kinda thinking i'm the lower level work; AFTER ALL THE EFFORT I PUT IN! Cheek of it. Oh today I was meant to be going to a 'Creative networking event' to get scouted by model scouts. But of course I invite a load of people then they say they can't come so you sit on Facebook, as normal. Of course see them all online, say nothing. Let's just say the dirty looks will be on full view on Monday. Oh well. Don't you love it when a guy flirts and flatters you. Then when his girlfriend's online and he leaves his skype on you can hear them giggling... Yeah, don't call me at all. I won't call you at all. Mr Player, they just have to play girls, see how many they can get on their ickle belts. Coolies. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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