Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm a beauty buff!

Betty Buff Beauty!
I have been sent a whole box of sweet smelling (Some were a bit weird smelling) body and facial scrubs from the lovely ladies at Betty Buff. Betty Buff understands how fragrances, colours and other rubbish can really affect a teenager's smooth, gentle, delicate skin and they want your skin to not flare up, but have the complete opposite! When it comes to spot cream, I run and hide. I'm allergic to Chlorine (I think, or something similar) so really anything branded I use, I go to school looking like a tomato. Delish.

BB specialize in vintage remedies with a twist, brough to the consumer in convenient pots of sweet smelling and naturally coloured, sugar based scrubs. Sugar? Yes, diabetics don't be scared. You're catered for! I'm going to be testing ALL of the scrubs I have received, but for these last few days i've been going, 'Totally Oatly'. At first glance, I thought I was washing my face with flapjack. I EVEN TASTED IT! Not as tasty as 'Scrummy choco' because the oaty scrub is specifically for diabetics, no sugar in this one. But it still tasted nice! Oats are what Granny used in the rationing times, wel jel of beautiful skin on a budget?

The mixture itself was quite thick to what i'm used to, I think it should be a bit more liquid like. When a scrub works to me, I fall asleep with a tingeling feeling on my skin. Exactly what I got. My skin was nourished and very hydrated the next day, my T-Zone (Your nose and above it and your cheekbones) is always greasy. The scrub replenished my pores and minimized spot size on my obvious areas. As you can see from my 'Funny' face, my skin is so much nicer (and skin coloured!) that what i'd use on a daily basis. The only down side I had to this product was the next day some of the oaty parts were stuck round my nose, which I think is me not scrubbing it properly. LOL. I'd give this product 4.5 stars.

If you're interested in more items from Beauty Buff, check out http://bettybuff.co.uk/ or follow them on Twitter to hear about there next giveaways! https://twitter.com/#!/@A1Betty Conveniently it's buy one get one free on these scrubs, use wisely. Discount code: 241SCRUBS

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