Friday, 30 November 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November

Exams and stilletos: how my world is operating at the moment. Not sure how I manage to keep on top of my blog- but I do so!
Anyway, amazing news I should really keep top secret. One is I've secured my work experience (finally). Just advice to others, don't get your hopes up emailing EVERYONE. If in year 10 it limits the amount of places which will actually take you on. Magazine's for example take on 16 or even 18 years plus. Which is a bit irritating. Even more annoying is when you send a mass email in September and still have about two replies in late November... Maybe I should name and shame all the places who didn't bother replying back. Tedious challenge but I secured some; well half, still have to find another place for a week. I'll also be blogging on work experience- so you can see what happens behind the scenes. I won't reveal where yet! Also, if you're an aussie. Say hey! Business challenge school trip today. Only school which wasn't a grammar school... Looked so out of place without shirts and ties and in return girls with short skirts... Also a quiz on aviation. Obviously isn't our strongest point. See ya's for tomorrow!x Xmas is on its way, saw an xmas tree today!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Watermelon nails!

Nail Art Tutorial!
Difficulty- Beginner
Watermelon Nails Tutorial


  • I made the seeds in an arc, but you can paint them randomly all over the nail if you want.
  • Don't worry about the light green squiggles being perfect...nature isn't perfect!
  • The white line makes it look more "finished", but if you're not confident in your ability to paint straight lines  just leave that step out.
  • You can reverse the manicure, with the green at your cuticle, for a different look.
  • You can always practice on a false nail :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday 18th November

Today was interesting. All my Christmas pressies are here (and under a large pile of clothes, best hiding place). Good job no-one dares walk into my room, I would post them all on here. But my little sister is fishing for any clues, so no clues for you missy sissy :) Also have some awesome freebies to share. Including hip new artist. Not the boring kid. The one who has designs called 'Sex pot'. Ooft. Anywho. BREAKING DAWN PART 2 HAS BEEN RELEASED! I guarantee most of you have probably seen it. If you have don't tell me what happens in the end! So tempted to go and see it when everyone's all over Facebook saying, 'TWILIGHT'S AMAZING' and I'm sat here thinking, 'Muuuuuummm! Can we go early' but trust the thrifter to be all 'Go on Orange Wednesday'. Last year we went on a Wednesday and I took the day off school that day, walked into the cinema to see my whole class -.- 'You're not sick' they screech (most of them are boys strangely: puberty still awaits). Should've taken my snotty tissues from earlier- that would be an interesting flavour of popcorn. Fireworks in the daytime; strange I thought. When cracking into my revision they seem to have a firey, row outside. I do over to see them... trip over my table and just about everything on the floor. Get to the window. Fireworks have gone. That was a short row.

Anyways. Tomorrow I'm going to see a show so don't expect a post. Tuesday however, back to normal with posts, but tomorrow my giveaway will be starting (or if you're an all nighter, midnight). x

Julien McDonalds on dressing Bella

The Twilight Tour Continues: Kristen Stewart Goes Ladylike In Julien Macdonald Dress For Madrid Photocall

'Kristen is an actress who never gets it wrong on the red carpet and she lets the clothes speak for themselves whilst keeping them looking modern and cool.' And are you a Twilight fan, Mr Macdonald? 'I’m a big fan ofTwilight - I have liked it since the beginning and am so sad to see it come to an end!' Hear, hear. 'Kristen Stewart is one of my favourite actresses of the moment and it’s an honour to dress her for the red carpet.'
Of course, it's an incredible feeling for the London-based designer to see any of the world's style-setters donning his dresses. 'It inspires me to create more collections and push myself more and more,' Macdonald says. 'I’m lucky to have dressed a wide range of celebrities and VIPs who are great role models to others and who are often watched for their style choices.'
Premiere for the best film ever,
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas is on its way. Today I will actually be posting some goodies I've bought recently and on Monday I might have to release a competition :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I need this handbag so much, although if I walk around with it I'll look a bit too 'flashy' says Mum. But really, she's secretly thinking, 'How do I go about getting one?'

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Victoria's secret! Guests include RIHANNA, JUSTIN BIEBER AND BRUNO MARS!
Models Adriana Lima, left, Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel lead the final runway walk during the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Singers Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars celebrate during the finale.
Model Lily Aldridge wears a patriotic creation during a rehearsal for the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Model Hilary Rhoda.
"Diamonds" singer Rihanna.

Singer Justin Bieber performs.
Model Miranda Kerr.
Model Lindsey Ellington.

Singer Bruno Mars, center, performs while a models walk the runway.
Brazilian model Adriana Lima.
Model Behati Prinsloo.
Model Barbara Palvin in a Christmas-themed outfit.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday 7th November

Today was interesting. I'm back! Back from hiding in revision guides and notebooks surrounded by a mess. Well technically, my room is still a mess. Even when I tidy the revision guides and shizzle. ANYWAYS! Exam was rather easy actually. Does bug me I'm targeted for a B and they put me on a foundation paper- meaning highest I can get is C, which I've achieved all last year... Back to news. Boys. Is it weird that you never seem to notice someone incredibly good looking, practically supermodel material, till he's in year 11 and might be off to college next year. Frown face :(  Hopefully he doesn't. Never noticed him before, but mysteriously he always seems to be where I am. This has been happening for a while now. Behind me on the stairs, stares at me around school, when I'm on the field he comes and sits on a bench nearby, he was on my right in the exam hall (he's on foundation too!). It's getting weird. Today he even sat two tables away from us at lunch. I'm going to have to record this down, my friends think I'm his stalker (as he's mega hot, who wouldn't crush on him) but I'm getting the impression i'm not the stalker... Fashion this week, apparently I'm a 'hipster' due to my newest discovery, tumblr. 'I live life on tumblr I went to hell to get this URL'. Tumblr is my obsession at the minute as the fashion phwoar. Clothes envy. My site is practically a collection of clothing I'll never get to wear. A girl can dream. Awkward moment you walk into class and someone says, 'Your work was really good' #dafuq moment. Teacher read my work out TWICE. When she rambled on about to read it, I was thinking, 'I wrote something? What on Earth did I write which is worth an A grade? My Christmas list? Cant remember, face palm moment'. Turns out it was a piece I wrote when it was an off day, depression gives you A's guys. Well the title was 'Family life is doomed' so yeah it's kinda depressing anyway. Did make me laugh when she said something about 'Clever, structured paragraphs'. Erm, I write rubbish in any order! Gosh I gloat a bit. Anyway, Christmas shopping is done,  ish. Hardest thing is finding a present for someone who only takes Mulberry or Alexander McQueen. Maybe Asda smart price might make her smile... when someone opens an xmas present and they make it so obvious they hate it. Then go all smiley. See ya's for tomorrow! Might have to post some christmas present finds. x

Monday, 5 November 2012