Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentines Day 2014

Love is... what is it?
Mellow Mummy Love Is Blog Carnival

Love is the feeling when you can't wait for the day to start, 
Love is when you feel the butterflies in your veins,
Love is when you forget about those pains,
Love is when you forget your bleeding heart,

Love is that feeling that lifts you up when you're down,
Love is when you can't say a name without flushing,
Love is when you deny you're totally crushing,
In those eyes is where you constantly drown,

On this Valentines Day,
Convey those cherished feelings of joy,
But try not to annoy,
Those soloists in the cafe.

A bit of poetry, a little bit soppy- but who isn't soppy on Valentines Day! I'm taking part in my first 's blog carnival and I hope you check out the other posts in the carnival!
Personally, I'm not really sure what is love as I've never really experienced it, romantically. Is love an emotion or a feeling?

Or is it just an excuse to wear lush, red and pink dresses? Whilst eating pizza and crying at Rom Com's? Yep, probably. Speaking of pink dresses and lush outfits- does this take your fancy?

P.S.- I made this...Valentine's Day


Charlotte Olympia heart pump
£770 -

Charlotte Olympia pink handbag

Jimmy Choo red handbag
£670 -

Oscar de la Renta rose earrings
£175 -

Heart jewelry
£3.84 -

Tom Ford lips makeup
£30 -

Essie nail polish

White home decor
£14 -

Diptyque candle
£40 -

Now to accompany this, a dangling necklace is needed to bring together that outfit- and at eye level :) I introduce you to Reveal Magazine favourite Nikki Lissoni. The person who styles the necks of stars like Sam Faiers and Nicole Scherzinger! Fancy :) What do we think girlies?

Check out Nikki's designs at: 


  1. I love your soppy poem! To me, Valentines day is an excuse for me to act a bit mushy around my husband when usually he'd just look at me and frown like I'm some sort of weirdo. Thanks for joining in.

  2. There is nothing wrong with a soppy poem - especially on Valentines Day x