Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday 31st December


Today was New Years Eve, and incase i'm not on at Midnight (I'll be out saying 'Ooh pretty colours' at the fireworks). Everyone does say that in the shops don't they, they just say 'Pink!' and then everyone turns around assuming your mental! But, I thought i'd do a close up on my mini me from my new bag. I can't tell you where I got them from, but I can tell you the frustration I went through to get one, this is only my canvas one the real one hasn't arrived (I ordered them on the same day?). The cast of TOWIE have one of these fab bags, I now have one. But seriously it took me months to get hand of my second choice for one (Same price, just limited outfit choices) and now the actual ones, that you can personalize to make it just like you, HAVE COME IN STOCK! They've also bumped the prices up, i'll have to save up for another. But anyway today was interesting. How about taking your dog out for a walk, and he cowardly cries as some loser put's on a fireworks display before midnight? He cries and acts up, and he won't move so your standing there saying 'There, there'. Oh well, see ya's for tomorrow.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Quick favour.

Since all of you love me lots (Like jelly tots), could you please click on adverts when your shopping online. Thank you! <3

Friday 30th December


Today was interesting, oh fudge just realised it's a Friday. But, on the plus side MY NEW BAG CAME TODAY! Look it has mini me on it in a little pink dress. It's a cheap canvas one but The Old & Wise One? bought me a canvas one and a large one for Christmas as I am a pain to buy for. Ever woken up to the sound of parcels? AT 7AM! Is that a joke? I feel sorry for the postmen, waking up at gawd know's what time just to wake up people, who probably 'aren't in'. I had to sign for my first parcel today, meant to sign my sister's and since it was cold outside I shook, and drew a 'K' which looked more like a demented 'M' (Don't ask). We also went into the bank, (Paying my sister for my smexy laptop) and I got accused of trying to steal my own money. They make you laugh. I spent ages memorizing my pin to find out it was incorrect. And when the lady smiled, she looked like she had just eaten some garbage (Sure did smell a bit whiffy when I got my money). I got home and had some Pringles which are a waste, especially if you rarely eat any and those monsters you call 'siblings' have scoffed the whole thing and left about three which probably contained the least flavour. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow, gotta have my spaghetti and meatballs, yum.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Today was interesting. Not much long left till we return to early mornings, early bedtimes, forgotten homework and uniform. Had to remind yous because I love you so much :) This morning my laptop came, along with 3 other parcels (Not for me of course) and because my laptop was ordered in The Older & Wiser's name, I didn't know which was mine :L I did a guess and picked the biggest one, ripped it open and it was old lady's underwear? This is from a 27 year old snob who came out She already with a credit card bill from House Of Fraser. Door rings and I snatch the parcel out of the scared postman. Ripped this one open and it was nextdoors delivered by mistake. Jls condoms? From the couple next door. Pfft. Lazy postman, cbf to walk nextdoor. The final parcel came and voila, it's pink and sexy :P See ya's for tomorrow! A little surprise segment will be introduced..

New Laptop!

Hello fashionista's, my new laptop arrived today so i'll be posting more for you <3

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday 28th December


Today was interesting. I cracked open my new wii game, 'Just Dance 3' if your wondering, I did get it late but I'm not one of those fans who camp outside to get the new releases. Just dance amazes me. You can do it once and get 3540 then do it again (Same dance) and get 9670. You can even do it on xbox and get perfect's all through, then on the wii you get okay's. They do make you laugh. Today I went with the 'I-wear-blazers-outside-of-school' look. She had her friend from work round ours today, she brought over her two snotty, kids.Of course they came to play in my clean, tidy, spotless room and I was losing it when they started throwing my Christmas presents around. As they needed a distraction before my room looked like a dump I decided to play hide and seek with  the little male, monster. I spotted him hiding behind the door so I leaned round it and shouted "BOO!" As I did it though, I slipped and kicked the door, bashing him in the face! He was bawling and ended up with a black eye. They're obviously not coming round again. :/ See ya's for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

I found this mobile phone sock for 56p! Good accessory for all those new blackberries and iPhones! Also here are so more, you may need for those new phones. These are so cheap in the sales, 20p?! Grab them while you can.

Facebook favour.

Hi girlies. If you are on facebook and have a few minutes to spare, i'm in a facebook contest and I'm after some more votes.  Click the link and vote 'Kheira Bey' thank you <3

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tuesday 27th December


Today was interesting. I decided to wear my 'Pink Prisoner' pj's because being stuck in a dull, gloomy house all winter isn't exactly ideal. But I guess it's better than being out in the freezing cold, wet wintry days. I thought to myself today, 'What can I do which is fun, takes a while and wouldn't rue the day?'. MAKE PIZZA! Perfect. An italian food lover, something that takes a while which will keep me occupied with a delicious end result. So I got in the kitchen and started pouring flour and other things into the bowl. Then came the tomato sauce, a very slippery sustance. Try spilling it on the floor and She comes in. Not a pretty sight, good job we have a carpet in the kitchen. The pizza itself tasted really spicey. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow.

Monday, 26 December 2011


Today is Boxing day and probably one of the last days I can get away with wearing my 'Elfis is in the building' t-shirt. Boxing day is pretty like Christmas, I was a bit upset we didn't play any Christmas songs yesterday so I put them on loud (RRRRRRAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEE!). I also came to a conclusion that Adele is the voice of 2011, and no-one can doubt it. Although, I prefer Lana Del Rey's voice to Adele's I shouldn't say much more... Today She's new dining room chairs came, very sexy I just not lie, no-one appreciated them coming at 8am as the women in my house don't wear bra's to bed (Except moi). They were quite big chairs. I picked up a chair and as I moved though the doorway I just got stuck there, what was worse was I hadn't eaten anything yet, but I kept blaming the chairs as you do. I was so wedged in I even managed to trap my arm. Nobody would help me because they all found it so hilarious. For me? Not so funny. I ended up with a massive bruise and a bright red face. This is why sometimes my family are not helpful or loving. They love to laugh at me sometimes. See ya's tomorrow and remember to play those last minute Christmas songs :)

I want one of those!

Who doesn't want a Lipsy watch? Specially when they're in the sale. Here's my pic of the goodies from Lipsy's sale. Okay the watches are over our £10 budget, but they're fabulous. The top's are UNDER a tenner, so stock up!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sunday 25th December


Today is Christmas day which is basically (When you hit the teenage years) a normal day with presents. But if you believe in Santa Clause everything's magical and all a big amusement park of toys. But when you hit puberty it's a Sunday with gifts you couldn't care less about. You spend the morning, after all the bickering beforehand 'I don't want anything' 'You can't have nothing, what about money?' 'Okay then money'- You get some small cheap bits for presents and a load of money, whilst the siblings are mucking around with their xbox games and race car set, your sat putting on a big smile before you get told off to 'Relax, smile'. Doing your Oscar deserving piece, with a smile too big for you. How boring. And then you've got that question, 'Did you get everything you wanted?'. And you feel like responding saying 'Well I did want Zayn Malik, Sam Way, oh yes the inbetweeners movie, an iPad 2 some shopping vouchers etc' and you just reply saying 'I don't know' which any teen knows means you didn't like anything! Liking my pj's? Well you can't forget the dinner, I mean i'm not too keen on roasts but I do love some stuffing. But when your cousins are practically scoffing it down, like dogs it's very hard to concentrate. Now, i'm off to watch something decent: Not a disney film i've seen all my life, I wanted to watch 'Elf' (Practically the best xmas film ever) i'll probably be asked to open and set up 'Guess who', some Strictly later. Enjoy your Christmas, if you can.

New segment idea?

So I was thinking of an advice column segment to start on the blog starting from the new year. Would this appeal to you?

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24th December


Today is Christmas Eve! Who's excited? Who's 'rents brought down a massive pile of presents today and only 10 of them were for you? That's the only downsize you get for asking for money at Christmas time, your siblings get lots and you barely see your name on any of the labels. Oh well, I sound so spoilt but you can't help it at Christmas can you? Every family has their traditions we have a few which are: Opening one present tonight (Yay) which is pyjama's (No!) which we wear to bed after a warm bath, having Rossi's ice cream on Xmas eve and having some karaoke on Xmas eve. So  I was playing X Factor with my clan after ice cream. It was my turn to sing (Oh god), but when I opened my mouth to showcase my magical vocal talents, a fly flew in and I choked hard on it. We had to get She to push it upwards, let's just say it was a very big, dramatic finish everyone was expecting. Well, the photo is delayed because I am awaiting to put on my brand new jim jams remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus tomorrow and please don't boast to your facebook friends about how much money your parents spent, because I guarantee no-one will care. Peace, see ya's for tomorrow for my Christmas special, remember my birthday I hope it's not like that event again.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

njoy tomorrow as much as you can and don't forget to smile and say thank you. If you do get a gift your not in love with, film your reaction and you could get 5 seconds of fame! Email to
A little festive song from Mariah Carey!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday 23rd December


Today is 'Christmas eves eve' yes I add the s because i'm cool like that.I'm not that excited to Christmas because I never really see much I like anymore, and I don't like asking for things to me it feels wrong. But, I do like that buzz of opening presents! Not like I care about the presents, but I just like the rush of ripping wrapping paper! She bought a new bathroom mat and decided to put it down in the bathroom shower. So I thought let's test out the plastic in the shower and I did. Plastic when it's new smells like burning. So I couldn't think what that burning smell was and went mad saying 'GET THAT LAPTOP OFF AND THAT TV!' and actually evacuated everyone. My family came over today to settle in for the holidays, that's my twin cousins. Damo & Katie, little terrors. Damo asked  me today (He's four years) 'Why do girls have an extra pair of bums under their tops?'. See ya's for tomorrow!

Baking goods!

Mince Pies are very Christmassy indeed! On with the recipe.

  • Ingredients:
  • 225g plain flour
  • 50g ground almonds
  • 140g butter , cut into small pieces
  • grated zest of 1 orange
  • 50g golden caster sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Method:
  1. Put flour, almonds, butter, orange zest and sugar in a food processor and whizz into crumbs. Add the egg yolk and a teaspoon of cold water and pulse to form a dough. Wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven to fan 180C/ conventional 200C/gas 6.Roll out the dough thinly and, with an 8-9cm plain cutter, stamp out 18 rounds - they need to be larger than the bun tin holes. Use to line one and a half 12-hole bun tins, pinching and fluting the dough edges above the level of the tins with your fingers.
  3. Put a heaped teaspoon of mincemeat in each case. Quickly knead the trimmings and roll out. Use a star cutter to make 18 stars.
  4. Put a star on top of each pie. Brush stars and pastry edges with egg white and dust lightly with caster sugar. (The pies can be frozen at this stage in the tins, then removed, packed into freezer bags and frozen for up to 3 months.) Bake the pies for 12-15 minutes (18-20 minutes from frozen) until the pastry is crisp and golden. Cool in the tins for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack. Dust with icing sugar before serving.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Today was interesting and no I did not wear shorts outside today. I did however have to walk the dog outside in the wet, slushy, sticky mud. Very glamorous I would say, just as you do everyday. Of course I did this in style, in my very stylish Pineapple trainers with little hearts on them, the must-have for any dancer. The awkward moment when She asks 'Who bought you them?'. Erh you, the time I asked for new P.E trainers and you were very 'Yeah okay whatever'. So I went walking and I was with It (Sisterly love) when we stumpled across all this mud so we thought it would be fun to walk in it, well I got dared too... It was pretty sticky though, and she slipped over, getting absolutely covered in the stuff in the process. We also did it to the dog, well he stunk anyway, It also shoved me in it.  When we got home we told She about the mud place and her face fell. She explained to us it wasn't mud I was rudely shoved in  it just happened to be a thing called sewage which is poo realistically. I only got a little bit on me, thank god. See ya's for tomorrow!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wednesday 21st December


Today was interesting, 4 days to go till the big day and if you read about what happened on my birthday, you'll certainly be getting ready thinking 'OMFG this girl is amazing, what else can she do!' well, as I have matured in my teenage years i've gone off Christmas. I mean unless your 5 it's a time when spoilt kids get their own way. Anywho, today I got noticed by a bunch of girls I didn't recognise at all. Porkward.. but I did finish my christmas shopping. Today I decided, 'Let's be a big kid' and wanted to go on a sleigh slope in a shopping centre. All the other kids in the queue were possibly half my age but I got really freaked out when I got up there, it was tiny! But I did go down, and my chino's (Trousers famous for being half way down your legs, yes gran they now make those) decided to move off my legs during the slide down the slope and stay near the top. Porkward, see ya's for tomorrow and keep following!

TOWIE no makeup!

Well, after watching 'The only way is esseXmas' for the first time last night, I got very curious as to who's a natural beauty and who isn't. I thought Lucy was by far the prettiest, here's my results:
TOWIE's Lauren and Sam go without makeup for photoshoot

The verdict?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday 20th December


Today was interesting. Well about as interesting as a llama to be exact. I woke up, walked out my door and stepped in dog's pee. She woke up to me squealing like a little girl (Well i'm not a little boy... well..), this was at 7:30am eurgh. We got on the train and there was a guy saying, 'I hope this prison sentence isn't as long as the last mum' on the phone.
Then we get on the Underground, and everyone knows the Underground don't they? Densely packed, very quick you know. So I was sat holding on, making sure I wasn't going to go flying and this punky looking girl, started rolling a cigarette right next to me. I made a sicky noise and she put it away. So we get to Winter Wonderland and it was jam packed and they were ready to take your money. In the Circus  it was okay, not the best show i've ever seen. I certainly wasn't 'Grinning from ear to ear' in the circus it was pretty amateur, on Britains Got Talent it's much better, what made me laugh was a girl throwing balls into a box and expected cheer for it? See ya's for tomorrow!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Cor at you.

'Cor at you' is for incredibly hawt boys I find on the web, usually young models. Seen the Paco Robanne advert recently? Well, I was in awe of the face and wanted to know who it was. Answer a british model 'Sam Way'. I'm sure you'll agree...

Today was interesting, more of a lazy day. She was up and around the house cleaning, we offer to help clean and she say's no. Then she'll moan saying we don't do anything around the house! So She got a phone today which was interesting, She decided to go bra shopping with me. We were in a queue for the changing rooms and my mum's ringtone went off. 'Silence I kill you' it twas, the crowd of very busty looking ladies only heard the last part and frowned at us. It was That at home asking about food (9 year old's so greedy sometimes!) and She got rather aggy. 'I TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES, LET IT GO DOWN AND THEN GO AND GET MORE'. That didn't sound at all wrong.. See ya's for tomorrow!

Chocolate Truffles!

Chocolate truffles
Makes ten need to be eaten within five days put in a box lined with tissue paper to give.

100g mik chocolate drops
25g butter
25g icing sugar
50g plain cake crumbs
4 tablespoons chocolate sugar strands

  • Melt chocolate and butter over a pan of hot water.
  • Remove from heat sift in icing sugar and cake crumbs.
  • Leave to cool a little until mixture is firm and thick.
  • Roll in chocolate strands.
  • Put in mini paper cases and put in fridge for 30 min.
  • Keep in a airtight container in the fridge.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday 18th December


Today was interesting. The supermarket is the worse invention ever created, I mean no-one moves at all do they? Your just there trying to get in all the little gaps, with a massive trolley but no. And She is going 'I told you before, but you never do it' seriously, she never told us! She just expects we're clever enough to you know, to stuff, what do mums honestly think of us. My friends and I were having a conversation about how fit our dance teachers bum was, but using a fake name for him calling him Tom in case he overheard. Later, we went out for a walk in the park, as we were walking out I said to my friends "I think Sir realised we were talking about him. But he has got the nicest bum ever! I can't stop staring at it when he's dancing." Just then I turned around and he was stood right behind me. I wanted the ground to swallow me up.See ya's for tomorrow.

Baking goods!

Snow_sparkles_fiona_faulkner_recipeChristmas is just around the corner and to keep myself occupied, I bake goodies. Here's a recipe for 'Magic snow sparkles' :P

  • 2 egg whites
  • ¼ tsp cream of tartar – available in the baking sections of most supermarkets (with the baking powder etc)
  • 2 dtsp Lyle’s Golden Syrup
  • 60g Tate & Lyle Fairtrade caster sugar
  • 60g white chocolate roughly chopped into small pieces
  • – plus an extra (approx) 90g white chocolate to decorate - optional
  • Edible sugar craft decorations or edible silver glitter - available at cake craft stores / online – or now in many supermarkets
  • Pre-heat the oven to 140°C / fan 120°C / Gas Mark 1 and put the oven racks in the centre of the oven if possible. Cover two large baking trays with silver foil.
  •  Whisk the egg whites and the cream of tartar with a stand / electric whisk for 2 minutes, starting slowly and building up the speed. You’ll see it get white and frothy. Meanwhile heat up the syrup in a small pan, stirring with a metal spoon to help loosen it.
  1. The egg whites will start to look less frothy and more like a billow of white snow – the ‘soft peaks’ stage. At this point, put the speed up even faster and slowly pour in the caster sugar.
  2. The syrup should be warmed through and bubbling a bit – give it a last quick stir through to loosen it. After the caster sugar is in, slowly pour in the heated syrup, still beating at this fast speed (try to aim it into the meringue – though don’t worry if some hits the side and crystallises). The meringue ‘peaks’ now will be firmer.
  3. Stop the whisking and gently fold through the chocolate. Dollop dessertspoons of the mixture onto the trays. Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes at 140°C. Then reduce the heat down to 100°C / fan 90°C / Gas Mark ¼  and continue baking for 1 hour 15 minutes. Finally leave in the (turned-off) oven for a further 30 minutes - 1 hour.
  4. Melt the additional chocolate (carefully) in the microwave, taking care not to over-heat it. Carefully peel the cookies away from the foil, drizzle (or pipe) a little melted chocolate over each one and then sprinkle with a little Christmas ‘magic’ (the decorations / glitter).
  • Tips!
  • Add a couple of handfuls of chopped pecans when you add the chocolate.
  • Try crumbling these over vanilla ice cream…

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Saturday 17th December


Today was interesting. Got myself a job in a hairdressers, well got put down on a really long waiting list but still when 50 people taste my magnificent cupcakes, i'll be a Saturday girl at my mums local. Raking in the dough :) Speaking of dough my saturday night will be Strictly, Michael McIntyre served with chinese. Delish. Oh well, today was interesting I took my little three year old cousin (Still thinking of a nickname for her, but she rarely ruins my life) to the shopping centre with me and a few of my girl and guy friends for last minute Christmas shopping and she loves running around toy shops and she happens to pick up cheap bits. There was my local dance group performing in the middle, and there was a crowd forming a circle around them. A lady shouted 'Cupcakes on offer today only!' yum, she'll love those so I walked over and had a peek, in which time she had darted straight in the middle of the circle, pulled her trousers down, and shouted "I need a wee!" really sweetly, all the dancers turned around and said 'Awwwh' but with a face which read 'You-ruined-my-chance-of-showbiz' rude much. But well a cute toddler did steal the spotlight. See ya's for tomorrow!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday 16th December


Today was interesting. I <3 these hello kitty pyjama's and I have worn them quite a bit on here, but they're snazzy.  In P.E we were (shivering)  playing football in PE and I wasn’t paying attention, I was more interested in how the shade of white had came out on my nails,. All of a sudden I heard somebody shout, “Move!” but it was too late – the ball just casually strolled onto my face and hit me. The whole match had to be paused for the teacher to check that I was OK, I was but my nails had chipped and looked rough and ugly looking! I bet I sound like a right blonde bimbo, but oh well 9 days till christmas! Enjoy any parties tonight girlies. See ya's for tomorrow, don't forget to follow your favourite blogger!

The big 150!

Yesterday I posted my 150th blog post! I'd just like to thank every one who actually reads the blog each day because if you didn't I would of given up already. Keep reading and keep following! You never know what giverways I may do for my next achievements...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday 15th December


Today was interesting. I went to school with a whole tissue box, after practically coughing and trying to sneeze my guts out it came home empty.  I still have a blocked nose, what a waste of blowing my nose all day! I was talking to my crush one day at school, when a gay guy (Love them!) from my drama group started chasing me out of the door… It just so happened to be a big fire exit and my bag strap got caught on the handle, making me hit the floor, not so gracefully. Then I heard my friend shout my name and suddenly, as I looked up, I felt something heavy hit my head - the whole door had fallen off its hinges and on top of me! My head even cracked the glass pane in the door, I was just crouched in a ball screaming acting like a proper drama queen (Hey I was in drama) I screamed 'Call the ambulance!'. No further comments, but hey i'm alive and typing! See ya's for tomorrow!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday 14th December


Today was interesting. It was our last assembly before Christmas so we had the headtecher in and alot more teachers in than usual. At a moment when it was particularly quiet when there was a technical problem with the video clips, the let's say not as slim person next to me let out a huge fart and it echoed around the hall. Everyone heard it, laughed and there was an audience watching us, and the boy who did it blamed it on me, Oh joy and because he was large and fairly popular of course everyone believed him including the teachers. Oh joy... In Drama today we were doing masks and well, I kinda walked into a door with a mask on. Mask's are hard to breathe in, so if i'm dying every two seconds battling a cold, I kinda struggled breathing too. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow and remember to enter our first to 100 contest :)

I want one of those!

11 days to go till the big day and I bet you One Direction fans are aching for these underneath your Christmas tree! I shouldn't really say my favourite, but he's the fit one!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday 13th December


Today was interesting. I had my show today acting as a schoolgirl, I pretended to be a really snobby posh one to really show off that my 3 lines are an understatement. Of course all the parents afterwards said, your amazing! Well, my ones. But in the other groups play I had to step in for some girl at a funeral, I had to mime myself dying in the war. Coincidental if the girl was at a funeral? So in my mime, I ran on and slipped in my socks. So I kinda already died before I was ment to, my que was the second Bang. So Bang, Bang and I kinda waved. Lol. Very coincidental as I also had a very bad migraine in school today. The office rang She and when She came in, I may of accidentally filled my headteachers shoes with an unknown substance. Hey ho. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck with any future shows!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday 12th December


Today was interesting, as you can't see very well i'm wearing a Christmassy top which says 'Elfis is in the house' with a little elf< So today was fun, It and That kept gloating about how they don't have any lessons this week and get to watch Christmas films and make crafts. How bloody unfair? Not a good start to the week, imagine us teenagers sat in Math's practically dying and your siblings are laughing at Elf. Not cool. As a plus I got my bestie to come round my house today for tea, yes I call it tea.She wasn't in my last lesson so I waited outside, as she came out towards me she slipped on the rain (We are in England!) and instinctively grabbed for me to stop herself from falling. It didn't work as she still fell, but she did manage to pull my skirt down as she went.The worst part was the Year 7's were around with their mum's and their mum's went 'Shield your eyes kids!' Well, polka dot knickers aren't that bad a sight to see. See ya's for tomorrow, and who has got their tree up because if you haven't unlucky!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday 11th December


Today was interesting. Had to do some homework, more like an essay with It going in the background 'Friends is on!' then 'Strictlys on' then 'X Factors on!'. How can I concentrate with it! Oh well. No-one likes Sunday's to they? It's when you go 'Oh sugar!' at your homework. Me, It and She decided to go shopping into a big department store.  I was looking after It, wtf should I look after that little git? . She started to get upset because she wanted She, so we went into the changing rooms to find her. We yanked back the curtain we thought was my She's cubicle, but I was faced with the lovely view of an old lady trying on some very trendy looking bra's. Let's just say she's on trend for the Victorian look this autumn. Anyone got that Sunday night feeling? Mee. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday 10th December


Today was interesting.It was my Nan's birthday today and myself, one who likes a bit of baking. I baked a strawberry trifle (You know with custard, lavers of cream, sponge, strawberries and often some chocolate on top if your generous )  after a few hours of messing up the kitchen, as you do. She calls me 'Messy Chef', well she says that so she doesn't have to do the washing up afterwards :/ My nan lives across the road from me so I carried it over to her house, the massive trifle so I couldn't really see anything in front of me, I kinda ran remembering that I could get run over! I didn't see a can on the floor and before I could lecture about how they needed to be fined I tripped, my face landed in the trifle and if I do say so myself, it was rather delicious :) See ya's for tomorrow!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday 9th December


Today was interesting, yes I wore an outfit I wore again as the first few days I started this blog. It's rather nice. Today since it was a Friday I was not raving in an under eighteen's nightclub, because I have more class than that. My bestie and I went to a chocolate fountain in a new shop along town, and got a little excited at the thought at so much chocolate can get wrapped around a strawberry! We decided to get one because they looked really nice but we were running late so thought we'd eat them on the bus. Problem was, mid scoffing them, some hot guys got on and our faces were covered in chocolate. We must of looked like right piggies'. Ah, another normal day. See ya's for tomorrow!

First to 100! Comp.

Clutch bag Raffle!
The fabulous people at are offering to post this gorgeous clutch to one of our followers. BUT we need to get 100 followers for that to happen, so get inviting your friends!

I want one of those!

16 Days to go till the big day and if you want your Christmas pressies to be ordered, you better order them fast! Before I show today's picks after the holiday's I will be doing normal items, some sale goodies too :) Today I found some funky slipper socks and some signed posters for the best film ever.. and you know Taylor Lautner's bod.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thursday 8th December


Today interesting, more like a disappointment compared to yesterday's 'A-list' experience. Unless you call reading in form with an aggy form tutor who welcomes you by saying 'Welcome scumbags'. My outfit today was really showing off my new bling, got a cute bracelet, a pink rose ring and a purple necklace. So today I decided to walk home through a little park for some air. I had my lovely warm ugg boots on and this park looked pretty dodgey, so I walked through quickly. Someone shouted 'Kheira!' so I turned to smile, and whoops! Down I fell into the soggy, mud patch! My bag exploded with all my GCSE revision guides and my classbooks. Unless M'am/Sir enjoy the smell of doggy doo doo they won't be jolly this season. See ya's for tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday 7th December

The Clothes Show Live 2011 Make Up Colour Couture

Today was interesting. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. At first I thought it would be charity shop style bits and bobs (No offence) we got there and saw a load of random fabric stalls, selling cheap tat I was thinking okay.. Saw a Juicy Couture pop shop. On the queue going in it said 'Everythings less than £15' I was thinking 'Yeah right must be fakes' we get in and see nothing around, the random tops we do see are fakes, but very disguised fakes, if this was your first experience at designer pieces you would go mad in there. Trust me, don't. I got my make-up done by (The make-up books above I fell in love with!).We found the model scouts from 'Select' they gave me a dirty look, I gave them a dirtier one back, may have passed wind in their faces.. I also went to see the catwalk show which was fabulous, those male models, yummy <3 Even saw Jade Thompson modelling (From BINTM) she had toned up a bit. Great day, annoying crowds, some dodgy dealers but oh well had fun! See ya's for tomorrow! Tomorrow will show some excellent modelling contest's for YOU to enter! The show :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday 6th December


Today was interesting. We had dance today which was fun, we got our pregnant teacher back today and she put me in the front row :) I was smiling so much it wasn't the usual me. As you see I didn't go out in my dance kit like a freak.< So we had to show our work to another class, and me being in the front thought 'Let's not get moved' and I didn't. But I forgot it :( But you seen these bottoms, they're size 10 so they were a little tight. I did the dance infront of a load of 'Popularh's babes, you know what I mean, the people who think they're so reeem'. They were in seats directly infront of me, the minute we came on my pant's thought they needed a split. I had to wear some mankly second hand ones :( She made me take the bus home today,  as I tried to get the ticket from the machine it wouldn't come out and decided to back chat me.I kept pulling it until it finally ripped and I went flying down the bus aisle, let's just say it awoke some grannies. CLOTHES SHOW LIVE TOMORROW!! SEE YA'S! 4am wake up, fml.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday 5th December


Today was interested. Alarm failed on me this morning, so I did the whole 'Wonderwoman-attempt'. Don't say you've never done it? The whole wizz around, half asleep, splashing cold water in your face. Then when you walk into English and find out you have to talk to the whole class, as an assessment. Eurgh. Lovely wake up call! Maths is just a pain, yeah like we'll really revise over Christmas! She made me take the bus home today with the load of chav's. Me- a pretty sensible child (Ikr?)- I sit with my iPod throughout the journey. Me with my exotic music taste I played 'I'm sexy and I know it', I started you know getting into the groove, doing a little boogie, singing (With my bad throat). The year 7 brat's behind me though it was clever to take my headphones out and make me go red, infront of the 'Baddaman's' of our year. Ironic, they thought these boys were me enemies and that i'd be humiliated. But no :) Well i'm so excited for Wednesday, attending the 'Clothes Show Live', i'll be reporting some treasures :) See ya's!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday 4th December


Today was interesting. She's  mate came over from Australia to visit us, he would be staying for dinner. Yes, he was gay and could go a little over the top sometimes with his humour, in the rude way.  We took him out shopping in our local area and popped into a shop to buy some groceries. I walked over to the magazine section, because I have a life; only to hear over the tannoy, "Will my lovely litttle Princess Keira please come to the check-out." He had got the service desk to put out that announcement, you'd guess that a bunch of chavy little year 7's came over and said 'I'd hate to be that girl'. So I stood waiting, thinking of a way to make myself look cool. Then I heard the voice, 'Keira, come here or i'll put the spot cream back and you'll have to be spotty all week'. When parent's laugh at their hilarious jokes... Like my outfit for today? And it's a pale pink top, i'm not some kinda stripper in training. I love the versatility of waistcoats, their so cute and hip. Well, I think so. DKNY if your reading, back me up! See ya;s for tomorrow!



The newest segment on the website is called,'Runway'. This segment is all about keeping you up to date with the LATEST trends. Anything on the catwalks, we're crazy about.

For Winter it's time to Razzle dazzle us. Glitter, sequins whatever you have it's your time to shine. With the holidays approaching, Stella McCartney (Left<) dazzled spectators with sporty, silhouette dresses teamed up with black ankle boots. Whether you want to go all out glitz or just up your gold bling, make sure you look terrific not tacky.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday 3rd December


Today was interesting, I didn't wear much (Naughty!) extravagance. Well, if you call a Juicy Couture hooded jacket extravagant. I shouldn't say but I do love a bit of Juicy, not really on trend but if it's warm and stylish who cares? Do you know what I don't get, how a supermarket is a hang out? Well, if your a mum with snotty kids then maybe.Today She made me walk into a well known fast. Those menu's are hard to read when your temporarily blind (Bigger font please if your reading!)  I asked the woman behind the counter for a juicy chicken burger, since it looked appetising, reading what it said on the menu. The staff always look fed-up but she gave me a look which read 'Is-this-girl-for-real?'  I repeated my order and when she handed it to me she said enjoy your 'JUNIOR' chicken burger and laughed. I just had to laugh in her face, really exaggerated.  Well she made me look an idiot? I'll accept a public apology. See ya's for tomorrow.

Friday, 2 December 2011

How cool are these?

A new chocolate theme park opened in China, yesterday. I do mean a chocolate theme park as in everything is made from chocolate! Handbags, trainers, money and more it has everything you want. Look at these delights.
Something fishy: One of the chocolatiers decided to create sushiNew model: BMW unveiled a version of one of their cars at the festival in Beijing, which took place last year
Pricey: This 100 dollar bill from the chocolate reserve was specially minted for the occasionThese Louis Vuitton handbags are also on display at the show

Friday 2nd December


(Sorry for not posting yesterday guys! But you must appreciate when a mum says i'm too ill for going on the computer, I must obey her!). Today was interesting. A non-pupil day for me and It and That had a number day at school to attend, so neither of us were learning (Well they learnt maths?). We had to go and do the food shopping today. But seriously food shopping? She can spend £150 on food and by Tuesday there's nothing in the cupboards! I swear if food prices rise any higher everyone will live on cereal. But I went because i'm a good little daughter (Sacrificing my day off which I could of been with my friends, well she was busy at her dad's, but you can't moan to She saying 'I can't do this I haven't got any plans!' just no). We got to the till- and I was checking how much everything costs, because £150 could buy alot of clothes. She said I was annoying and  to go stand by the wall whilst she loaded the trolley. I leaned against the wall and got a sharp pain as I leaned against a fire extinguisher, so I side stepped across the wall. When I leaned back again I went flying outside as I had leant against the fire escape. Not only did the whole shop see, but it set the fire alarms off too! And She didn't think I could get anymore annoying. See ya's for tomorrow!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday 30th November


Today was fun as the government went too far for teachers so we got a day off. They're always arguing and taking too much money, like pickpockets but they do it with flair.We decided to go to cinema (so was the whole country) to see the amazingest film ever 'Breaking Dawn' (If you hate it it's not the point)  I was walking down the high street texting and checking the time for my bestie. I didn't see a big stone that was placed in front of me. I tripped straight over it and went smash into a man that was walking by, walking his dog, a little boney thing that started having a fit. My bag flew out of my hand too with all my sanitary towels all over him. I couldn't stop apologising but the man just stood there laughing at me. Well a bit of respect to someone apologizing? Like my tangerine colour? Shade of the season. See ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday 29th November


Today was interesting. This is my costume for my drama classes, i'm playing a school girl. I've decided to do my three lines smartly. I'm going to do a really over the top snobby character, just so I stand out against everyones boring characters. Tip to actors': Really think about your character. I suggest do very stand out ones like a dumb child, a clean freak or a snob with an accent. Accent's are good for laugh's. We had some P.E today in the freezing cold (Sympathy, on go my sob story), We were warming up for a netball match by running around the court. I was running beside my friend so we ran along talking about the strike and our plans. I was so distracted and engrossed in our conversation, that just casually, ran head first into the netball post.  I received two black eyes as keepsakes of the day and another pro we lost the game. See ya;s for tomorrow!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday 28th November


Today was interesting. I had finished my task's in lesson today when everyone started confessing their crushes. I sat and listened, just to take in any gossip for the facebook.. The girls knew I was listening and asked me when they had gone round the circle. Instead of doing the whole 'No-one yet I go home and stare at his perfection everyday' I started saying how I couldn't choose out of two because they were both nice lad's and perfect etc. It all went a bit silent. Then, I seemed to be the entertainment. You could tell with the looks I was getting. So I turned around 'tidying the rubbish'  and he was right behind me having heard the whole thing. Sugar. The nosiness of some people, I mean really. No need to eavesdrop. As you can see today I rooted out a branded top, because I hadn't worn it yet on the blog. Quite nice colours really. I did it for some just dance in my living room. Mainly because I put a load of effort in and get humiliated by some 40 something who gets 10,000.  Jeez. See ya's for tomorrow. Check out my recent contest! for those hawt clutches :)