Saturday, 31 March 2012

I want one of those!

Cup Cake Earring Set with Free Gift Bag, optional matching necklaces and adjustable childrens rings available - arrives in a pretty gift bag.Cutest thing I've seen with cupcakes ever! I do love a cupcake, now my ears will taste delicious. £5 for 2 pairs is a pretty good price, I'm gonna buy some for myself. Will you indulge in the cupcake goodness?

Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday 30th March


Today was interesting! Yay non-uniform day, the nightmare for a fashionista. The boys are just clones, chino's and logo tees/polo's. Fair enough, their boys. According to Legally Blonde straight guys don't know big name designers... I don't mind chino's, but they do look a bit silly when you see seeing white, grandad style ones- pulled down to see big red boxers. A lovely view, what makes me laugh is when boys do it as a turn on to the teachers, ANY teachers. 'Pull your trousers up' the teacher repeats 5 times. Seriously, showing off to an OAP. Wahey. Then you get the girls. You either get girls who actually have a personality or those that clone the boys- by wearing anything with a logo on. How bland? You can see Ralph is doing good business, for their tacky, cheap t-shirts. You get the boys like badda's. Haha. Awkward moment you spill a carbonate onto a 'snapback' which doesn't really snap back. Some girls actually dress nice, or dress like they've been dressed by their mummy. Bless 'em. Awkward moment, this person who is probably the most hated girl in our year follows us... We have style that isn't going to get cramped soon. Anywho, enjoy Easter and if you're a clone go and experiment. See ya's for tomorrow!

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Be honest, who didn't laugh?

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The LookThis book sounds amazing. A sounds like a true story, (Uber trendy Carnaby Street is always a good spot to scout). 'When Ted is spotted by a model agency, she can't believe it. At the same time her gorgeous sister, Ava, is diagnosed with cancer. With her world turned upside down, Ted has a lot of growing up to do, some of it in five-inch platforms. Can she be a supermodel and a super sister? Or will she have to choose between fame and family?' To check these cheapie read out click here:

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday 29th March


Today was interesting. No it actually was, got some lush Easter eggs in form. Yummy. Today it felt like the last day, even in the canteen they were having an Easter lunch and raffle. It's not like we have a half day or anything tomorrow! Damn those exams going on. What I love about Rainbows is, I was 'The Easter Bunny' the other volunteer just put piles around, but I was sneakily putting them in secret places. I took my job so seriously, but they're 5 years olds, they can figure things out! I also failed in Majorettes to the Brownies, I had 7 year olds doing it better than I did. Thinking you're the bees knees, you even try to throw it up in the air. Yep, let's just say pancake day was still in the air, and the glittery baton wasn't full of glitter anymore. I decided to go for a lush, lime t-shirt today. I loove lime, not ugly lime but pretty lime. It means Summer is here, and reminds me that I need to get out and tan. The joys of your favourite clothing. If you're a right copy-cat and you're updating your FB status as, 'IDEAS OF WHAT TO WEAR FOR TOMORROW' and you constantly ask that to someone; My advice is to 'BE ORIGINAL'. It bugs me. It wouldn't happen in Paris or here. Think, what do you want to wear. How do YOU want to come across? Showcase YOUR personality, not some freak on FB. See ya's for tomorrow, and I shall be in tangerine.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday 28th March


Today was interesting, half way through the week. Two days till lie ins, shopping and not much else. Nope, got castings and photoshoots. Hooray. (Laughing on the inside). Don't you love it when parents are on a diet? They say, 'Let's have fish, salad and a few chips for dinner'. So I put in the oven fish, a few chips. Then, it's served and I get a whole, 'I asked for chips', 'No you asked for a few chips' then we have a row about how much is a few chips. In my case, a few chips is a handful roughly (I used a spatula!). I serve dinner and all the chaos for the few chips, no-one even touched my salad. She even drove to the chip shop! Talk about rude, my cooking isn't THAT bad. Then, She wants ferrero rocher's. So I throw one to her like she asked, and I throw it in her eye. Best dinner ever, :L See ya;s for tomorrow. 3 Days till the big day.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th March


Today was interesting. I had the dance assessment, what does bug me about my bestie is that you can come into school all confident thinking, 'I'm going to ace this' and you meet her shrieking, 'NOOO. I'M GONNA FAIL, I CAN'T REMEMBER blah blah'. Then you suddenly get nervous. Curse nerves! But I smashed it, literally (It's to 'Earthquake' with a lot of punches and things, so literally did 'smash' it). Our dance teacher, I quote said, 'Excellent choreography there girls.' Nothing about how we performed it, oh well. My bra may of slipped, don't you love that when you move, you're highlighter pink strap does a boogie too. Then science, nice to know i've be degraded to a lower coloured group in my class. How offended. What's worse is it was a surprise test, surprise no time for revision, surprise not green anymore. Got a moldy yellow sticker on my book, and yellow wasn't the colour. After an infuriating lesson of being spoken to like I had disabilities. I walked home from school and there were some really good looking boys from the year above ahead of me. I carried on walking really hoping they wouldn't notice me, when one of them dropped their skateboard. I didn't see it, stepped straight on it, went flying and landed on my derriere. How rude are those older guys? And of course I was wearing a skirt so the world and his uncle saw my knickers. They thought it was hilarious. See ya's for tomorrow!

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Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls)Wow, what a catchy book title. Very intriguing. To check it out or buy it cheaply click here:

Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday 26th March


Today was interesting. What's worse than the '10-Minute-Panic'? The '10-Minute-Panic' when the clocks go forward. Losing an hour of sleep, it's really getting to us all. Just an hour and everything's all pear-shaped. Today was a nightmare. English test, wahoo. I love English, I have a 'Gift' i'm so gifted I was invited to book club. Not gifted in drama or dance, they get to go and see musicals. Speaking of drama, I find out my fate this weekend. If i'm in the best stage school in the UK as She says, no pressure. But, during this test I stretched my arm and cracked a knuckle. Pretty normal right? Then I get to the canteen at lunch and apparently i'd passed wind, said by someone who i'd never met before, and who wasn't even in my English class? WTF I though. She started making symbols, and I said 'I had to stretch and crack my knuckle?'. Then she turned around and said, 'I didn't know arms could fart'. You're probably laughing you're heads off, but I used to get mocked before. It isn't pleasant. So we went outside and turned out that she's the rudest kid in school, and she's just about done it to everyone. Mainly because her time of the month, is all through the month. Haha. Bitch. Yes I swore. But as a store said, 'People only talk behind you, because you're infront of them.' Today I chilled in hello kitty, and treated myself to a 99 Flake. Which bizarrely is never 99p. Tip, when you're mum is coughing say. 'Oh look an ice cream van! I fancy a 99 now!' she actually pulled over! Lmao. See ya's for tomorrow.

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And Baby Makes Two A fab book, for a fab teen, from a fab teen author. O.D'd on the 'Fab' then. But when you can purchase one of these fab books for 1 penny, why not?

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Crazy for W7!

I'll admit, most of the time I go 'Al Naturale' as it's my roots and She's a bit dodgy when she see's me in make-up. "Don't wear any, you'll get to my age and regret it!" True. I do make exceptions for make-up. As you can see, I have some very lush, red, matte lips today- courtesy of the brand W7. I think this'll go smashingly (Not literally) when I wear my Nautical outfit. The colour is very rich, red. It kinda does remind you of a Militant jacket. Very strong and bold. The only downside was getting it off my pout, it took a while to come off. As you can see in my crap photo, I have also applied their  'Big Lash' mascara, I was drawn to this by it's funky (I still use that word, kay?) packaging. . I rarely do mascara as I have dark colouring anyway, so what I apply on my lashes doesn't always come out, especially if it's a cheapie brand. W7 proved me wrong and came through! It also came out well on a tissue, P.S don't use a scented tissue. I totally recommend W7 products and there's more from W7 to come. I'm rating them 4 and a half stars, due to the toughness, getting out. But, who wants more? If you do W7 is available from most beauty stores. Purchase some W7 bargains below!
Including the mascara used at 49p!

Sunday 25th March


Today was interesting. Spring has sprung it appears! Those clocks, why can't they just be normal? Especially as you google, 'Do clocks automatically go forward on mobiles?' and apparently they do. So, set the alarm for 8am to get ready for 9am. Guess what, never trusting the experts on Yahoo answers ever again. Fluffballs. Anywho, I'd like to be known for being a role model, in style. Actually doing something more important than watching TV all day. Was I high when I said that? I went camping. Dun dun duuun. First time ever, and well it wasn't that bad actually. I might of fallen, flat first, but showing; down a steep hill. Mocked by five year olds. Yay me. Well, they were cuties. I had to give in, but as they grow up I won't. First time i'd ever tried the, 'Country lifestyle' camping. I toasted marshmallows and tasted the best thing ever. Smores. Chocolate biscuits, toasted marshmallows. HEAVEN! I can't believe one child said, 'It's gross' I was thinking hand it here. Then it went straight on the fire. NOOOOOO! Something that delicious deserved a spa day in my big, fat gob. It seriously was that good. See ya's for tomorrow! I'm going to try and toast marshmallows in the oven now.

I want one of those!

Retro diamente jewellery robot long necklace vintage UK Who said vintage was all keys and owls? I found a little robot who kinda reminds me of the LMFAO dude with a paper bag over his head. Do you see it now? To get your hands on this fella, for only £3! Click this link:

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday 24th March


Today I wore my 'Goddess' t-shirt, and I didn't feel like a Goddess when doing Zumba, shaking my hips with a wii remote strap flapping around that area. Or when I was hanging around a small, dinghy church and this old guy said, 'Fancy the disco tonight? Get on down to the best music in the last 90 years!' I think i'd be 'grooving' till the latest. What a thing to say to someone? Lmao. I'm totally going to go now and rave to Dame Vera Lynne (If that's her name?) do my street dancing to the Dame, oh yes! This camera thing is bugging me so much now, if some genius could create a locator where it has a directory of products; then if locates the nearest i'd be SOOO grateful. Infact, wouldn't everyone? If the next Steve Jobs is out there, quote me when you're promoting your new, 'Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Look-Locator' or i'll just hire someone to grace my messy room for my camera. Anywho, I've done a whole 'Blitz' of my revision but I still think I could talk about the 'Earth's Early Atmosphere' in a test on 'War and peace'. Off I go to rave, or to tune in to BGT with my big, bowl of jelly . Tomorrow, if my camera decides to talk like a disney film i'll be showing my first attempts of 'Kheira 'Make up Artist'. Or i'll just try a webcam. See ya's for tomorrow! Next week- The results day.

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Alittlestyle Vintage jewellery long owl necklace pendant cute retro How cute is this little fella? Only £1.99 worth checking out if I say so myself. Check him/her out here:

Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday 23rd March


Today it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! I have to say, the song which starts my weekend is, 'Sexy and I know it', awkward moment you're bratty bro 'That' turns around and says when you're singing in the shower to this. 'You ain't sexy babe' maybe less chavy, but still hurts. But I guess singing in the shower isn't that attractive to the outsiders. Inside= Next Beyone. Outside= Next Cheryl Cole (No offence fans, but seriously I HATE those who can't sing. Or mime). Anywhom, not so attractive when you have tilers who need the toilet outside your bathroom knocking, whilst you're screeching 'I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!' and then I come out and i'm this short girl and they're expecting the real LMFAO. Awkward....  I could tell by their expressions, they really did looked shocked and amazed. Aha! See ya's for tomorrow!

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Vintage Fashion Sourcebook This is something I kinda do want :) It's under £2 and is great for vintage lovers. Check it out:

Tomorrow on ArrayO'Style

Tomorrow you'll see what happens when I meet a high street make-up brand, stay tuned :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday 22nd March


Today was interesting, oh jesus I look chunky in this pic.I was at home, waiting for a lift to my volunteering work at the church when the doorbell rang. 'That'll be your lift', and I was so excited that I ran out the door straightaway, shutting it behind me. As I turned round, I realised it wasn't my group leader - it was the window cleaner, chasing up about his payment. Even worse, I'd locked myself out and DIDN'T HAVE A KEY! I just stood there, wondering what to do before eventually saying, 'Ha, ha - I locked myself out, I'll go and get my dad,' and ran round to the back door, hiding. I actually ran to Guides. Today, we were making origami boats and I had remembered one girls name, so helpful. I'm going camping with them this weekend, and girls whatever age do enjoy their chocolate! Especially with toasted marshmallow, ooh yeah. Awkward moment you say 'Ooh Yeah' and it sounds like you're having an erection. What bugged me about this week was, i'm still new but some 5 year olds were whispering behind my back. And they look so guilty; they'll get on well in life. I stayed for the older ones 'Brownies' awkward moment you call them all chocolate brownies and they're not that young. The little brothers age actually, 'Are you his sister' yes, awkward moment That has been chatting up all the girls in his class... See ya's for tomorrow!

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Wicked Games This looks very INTRIGUING :) Try and say that with a spanish accent, pretty fun. 63p for a new edition or 1penny for a hardback new! Check it out:

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday 21st March


Today was interesting and before you ask, I think i've lost my camera wire :L So my bestie has this friend we hang around with, and you know when they've known eachother forever and you've just joined in High school it's awkward sometimes. Especially when they play fight, in year 9 opposite year 7's who are waay more mature than us (them). What you never get happen to you is someone saying, 'Excuse me' from outside the gate and said, 'Wanna buy some roll-ups' me being my silly self said, 'Sure what brand are they? Got any discounted Hollister?' someone may of needed the lav then... Then, I was in school and I just got out of English heading straight for Maths. I saw my friend ahead of me and shouted, but she didn't stop. I decided to run after her to catch her up so that we'd definitely be sitting next to each other, but as I ran my leg bucked underneath me and I slid face first across the corridor floor. I swear shoe companies these days, so 'Satisfy-The-Customer'. What bugs me about some people is you say one thing to someone (A boy, note to self never trust a friendly male) and they spread it round and you get a freak who whines at you when you acquaint (Rarely) 'ARE YOU A MODEL?'. So gay, this is a kid who dyed his hair ginger which 'The sun apparently dyed'.  See ya's for tomorrow!


How odd. I was thinking, 'I'm saving up for those mint trousers' when shopping at a store, now mint has become big! Colour popping trousers has been seen on everyone including Fearne 'Nostrills' Cotton, Jessica Alba and the Dutchess, who of course caused a surge for George (At Asda) in their cheaper copy. Create your own denim rainbow from coral, mint or yellow :)

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Yesterday I blabbed on about a beauty pageant i'm in, and today I have the official link for any of my followers to donate a small amount :) I'm fundraising for the Rainbow Trust Foundation and Headway Kent. I may also throw in a few cosmetic goodies to a donator <3

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday 20th March


Today was interesting. Oh My Gosh! I have to fundraise £35 in less than two weeks! I've got into a beauty pageant for charity, i've got that to raise then a month to raise another £100! Busy, busy bee. All goes to charity tho, so it's worth it if I don't win. Got to love the little sisters. We all decide to pick up Easter eggs, so we don't get crummy 'Star Wars' ones like last year. Awkward moment your bestie comes round, 'You like Star Wars?' yes the chocolate's so 'Out of this world' literally, tastes like cheap crap. (No offence to Star Wars fans but this egg wasn't even star wars, someone had glued on the star wars logo). I decided to go for Cadbury's this year, the actual cadbury's this time! But there's always that one sibling who has their heart set on one egg. 'I want that one' pointing to the picture in the magazine. She even shouted and cried, after we'd seen 7 supermarkets... What a brat? She couldn't just take another egg she had to have that one. She even shouted, 'You're a disgrace to the human race' to my mother. So I said to her back, 'You're a disgrace to the human race babe, want a star wars egg?'. She was bought the star wars egg. Hahaha! See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: Anyone interested in sponsoring me email me :)
Been manic today! A few minutes till todays blog entry!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday 19th March


Today was interesting. Ah yes the familiar '10 minute panic' in the morning. Gotta love it. You know when you feel like you look like crap, and you get to school and you're form tutor's like "Go to bed earlier". Er hello? I go to bed at 8am, and I cannot get to sleep till whenever. Got a problem? I never get the point of form time we just sit there and talk and we're just there to get signed in. What's the point? Anywho, It was break, and I was waiting outside the toilet for my best friend to come out. I wanted to make her jump because she says she's never scared, so I put my face against the door, closed my eyes and when I heard the lock click I shouted "BOO!" When I opened my eyes this Year 7 boy came out giving me a stare and ran off crying and everyone was laughing. I thought they were howling at my head mistress' hideous taste in clothes, standing in front of me, red in the face. What an attractive look, granny with added red. She's in love or either going to kill me mad.  It was the wrong door... Oopsies. See ya's for tomorrow!


Melvita Essential Face Care Eye Make-up Remover 100ml If you've been inspired by Melvita's products i've found a link to their 'Essential Face Care Eye Make-Up Remover' which you may be interested in checking out:

Butterfly Twists winners!

 Who won? It was a double giveaway today so I let RaffleCopter choose one winner and i'd pick a number and choose the next. *DRUM ROLL!*
LORRAINE BELL & YASMIN JONES! WOOP! Girls can you contact me or i'll email you :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday 18th March


Today was interesting. You know when you wake up and get the sun blinding you, so you decide 'Hey let's put on a Summery top and shorts' you go outside, and it isn't sunny for long? Gotta love the awkward moment. Turns out my lucky bracelet was actually lucky, hence it being missing. I even thought, 'Hey it's sunny let's hunt the cozzie and go swimming' putting this under my clothes to get ready quicker. I thought maybe not the beach, beaches are so you know. Bland nowadays. You go on holiday for a fantastic beach,  when you've got one at home which you daren't visit. I went to the local pool and realised when I was getting changed that I hadn't packed underwear. The only pair she could find were Hannah Montana, so imagine my embarrassment when I got off the bus at the pool to find my mum waving and calling, 'I've got your pants'! I had no alternative but to wear them after swimming, and my friend saw them under my bright, white shorts :L Awkward... See ya's for tomorrow and see who's won the shoes!
Have to admit, I have been rather lazy this weekend with the catwalk shows. Next week, i'll post more of our popular 'Runway' segment :) x

Happy Mothers Day!

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Melvita Cleanser Review!

Cleansing My review for the cleanser! I tried the facial wash in the wrong order, but this cleanser made my skin feel much smoother. It had taken the redness off my skin for day one then I woke  up and a few had reduced in size the next day! This certified organic Foaming Gel combines the regenerating, purifying properties of zinc lactate and lavender with the powerful purifying qualities of tea tree to clean the skin deep down, while birch sap and witch hazel moisturise and soften the skin. What I love about the product is usually when you rinse your skin, it feels like you wash away the product. But with Melvita cleanser you could feel a mask shape working in your sleep. It works wonders compared to the big brands like Clearasil, which are not natural and i've been to school with red all over! I'd rate this product:

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17th March


Today was interesting! Why do postmen have to come at god knows what time in the morning? It's like whenever you're not in during the week they deliver and you have to go and collect, but when you're it's always on the weekends at what 6am? Today She was very aggy, literally a ticking time bomb ready to go off any moment. Meanwhile, I was cooking pancakes (Why not!) and decided to show off my fabulous cooking skills for my on watching family, sat at the table. By flipping this pancake as high as it could. Somehow, the pancake burst into flames and I went into panic mode. Without thinking I just flung it towards the dinner table, on top of my mother's head. Luckily, the flames had come out and she was okay. Well not literally okay, let's just say mother's day tomorrow will be eventful... See ya's!

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Heart "mother & Daughter" Combination Bead - Pandora Charm Bracelet Compatible Mothers Day Gifts Check out some of these gifts for your mum! All under a tenner! I've got socks (Useful right?), photo frames, mugs, coasters and more. Even the book, 'Why I love my mummy' for 55p or used for a penny. No excuses!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday 16th March


Today it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! Yes, that song is old and annoying but it gets you excited for the weekend... Right? I was heading to a lesson at school, when I suddenly slipped on the wet floor. No sign or anything, I could gain compensation. Right..
In the process, my shoe fell off and flew across the corridor - and ended up whacking my teacher with grey hair and ugly clothes, on the nose. My whole class saw it and laughed their heads off, mainly because they were too whimpy to do it in the first place. Ooh i'm a baddaman (Slang I think, meaning their strong and mighty, when the most baddest thing they've probably done is stick chewing gum under a table. Ooh get you). To top things off, my teacher gave me a detention because she accused me of doing it on purpose. How rude. See ya's for tomorrow!

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thursday 15th March


Today was interesting. Don't you love it when you complete all your 'Data Analysis' and hand it in to your teacher and in other words, it's utter crap? Great, wasted a whole week doing that. But her hair, it was decent. Then she got it dyed grey and shorter. Granny-ified much? No wonder she's still single. Looking like that. Anywho, today I took a step into adulthood. I volunteered for a local Girl Guiding unit. It actually felt pretty cool. I was watching the 5-7 year olds called Rainbows; so well behaved! I never knew children could be so polite and quiet. Yes a 9 year old brother doesn't really compare (That). I actually wasn't doing much, just sitting there trying to think of things me and a 5 year old has in common. Turns out they played Club Penguin! I quit it years ago but still, they liked the Pizza Game. I was expecting noisy kids running around manic! These were so well behaved, although I need to learn how to react with them. One of them looked like she was going to puke down my top. 'Noo, you no go there sister'. See ya's for tomorrow!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hello new users!

I was checking my audience today and it surprised me. Most audience was from United Kingdom no surprise. Then United States, not a huge surprise. Then China bought Ireland! How cool, hey my Chinese readers and infact all my readers because you're all fabulous!

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Collection 2000 Sheer Moist Foundation Wow! foundation for 65p! I bet some of you girlies are jumping for joy :) Pick yours up here:

Message of lolness

Made me giggle

Wednesday 14th March


Today was interesting. I was in science and my worst enemy was sat right behind me and he started to poke at my bum. I had a skirt on and I kind of told myself he was flirting with me- gross and a tad sudden but I got annoyed so I just wriggled in and ignored. His friends were all laughing and I was going red, but there wasn't anything I could do to stop it, I didn't want to turn around (Who would?). After the lesson I hurried out, and it wasn't until then that my friend told me that my zip had been undone and you could see a lot of my bum! I bet there's a lot of rumours that'll be spreading now... Also at lunchtime I was eating my lunch, as usual in the canteen. I scraped off my crumbs and wrapper and put it in the bin. As per usual because i'm not a fat, lazy git who just leaves their rubbish. Then this teacher (Who's been complained about for being racist) said I hadn't put away all my rubbish. I looked down to find an ickle crumb on the floor. She was all, 'TAKE THE BIN AND GO AROUND PICKING UP RUBBISH!'. You what? I swear she never actually cleans anything herself. There's always kids going around doing it. What made me laugh was the table next to ours was covered in unclaimed mess. I said to her, "My Dad's a policeman, he doesn't like his children getting germs." That was random but I was going to get covered in germs and possibly catch diseases and be sick off school... OOOH! Nice idea. Technically, my Dad is a policeman but my parents are separated. Still, she still made me do the work. She even laughed when I did it... See ya's for tomorrow when I help the community! 

SOS Blemish Cream Review- Melvita

 I've been trialling Melvita SOS Blemish Cream for two nights now and I have seen results. I left this on the first day just before I went to bed on a group of 3 blemishes. The mixture itself could be mistaken for foundation, as the colour is not quite an orange, but does look like it. The mixture was thin but gloopy and it did tingle on my skin during the night. I woke up and one spot still remained, pesky little critter! I swore I put cream on that spot too... The other two had gone. I  put some more on that one spot and went to sleep. I woke up with that spot still there, after giving my face a wash. I realised the spots haven't vanished. It was a foundation which had blended in with my skin and had made it slightly less red. I think i'll rate this product (Out of 5, 5 being excellent).
  But..!!!! There's still a facial wash to try tonight. Here's hoping! If you're interested in buying Melvita products check out,8,1,1093,37547.htm

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