Sunday, 19 January 2014

A new Honey in this Hive

A new Honey in this Hive review

This week a new Honey arrived into my Hive, courtesy of Jasper Jewellery .This honey was of course the Honeybee Silver Pendant Necklace which includes beautiful, Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and is adored by Cara herself ^

Jasper Jewellery are a small website based in Ireland (yes home of Niall) and have a passion for classy crystal jewellery and Swarovski jewels at normal prices. Given the fact that they are in Ireland, Jasper Jewellery deliver worldwide and offer Free Delivery to any country :) Saying that, their delivery is super fast my parcel arrived in 3 days and I was in a different country.

As stated on their website, the jewellery comes in beautiful, gift wrapping- free of charge which is true. Although, I have to admit I did think the wrapping paper wasn't like I would've imagined. It was just striped, wrapping paper- but the nicely, tied ribbon bow helped make it work. The wrapping did make it look like a Christmas present, which I thought was cool as I did get a 'Kid at Crimbo' type feeling when opening it. The logo stickers were a nice touch as they were shiney and embossed- so it complimented the gift well.

The necklace itself is a reasonable size and can be worn with many different outfits. Like the one below...  and I'm eagerly awaiting to receive Valentines Day jewellery like these from Jasper Jewellery's Valentines line:

Here's an outfit I culminated to fit the necklace,

Went a bit too yellow, but hey who wouldn't with a buzz-tastic, honeybee necklace!

Jasper Jewellery still rock and I'm able to give my readers an exclusive $5 off any purchase from their store. The discount code is: totalpolichic5 

Plus, a giveaway to win an exclusive piece of Jasper Jewellery will be up this week :)

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  1. Such a cute necklace, love the outfit you picked to style it with.

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  2. Oooo..I love it. Such a cute little bee. I love collecting Owl pendants/earrings :)

  3. Very cute and love the necklace thats one thing I dont own much off. Great blog as well.

  4. ok so above have already said it but i love the necklace xx

  5. This necklace is so cute... Love it!!! :)