Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday 30th September


Today I had 'That Lesson', the Scope/PSHE lesson that all Year 9's have to endure with the banana's. Learning about safe sex and putting on a condom. Guess what, an ancient maths teacher walked in during the demo. He had a kinda 'This happens in MY classroom, and I don't know about it?' look on his face. Imagine the next day when someone goes to sharpen their pencil. 'Who was making out in here?'. Lol. That would be hilarious. My outfit is a blazer and statement jewelry. Trying to look ladylike? Oh well I had my first lesson of Dance (We've had teacher's training days).  I was lining up for my new Dance class with my bezzie. When a hot sixth-former walked past, she dared me to tell him he was fit! I decided just to go for it, so I told him - and he gave me a confused look.I went back to stand with my mate, before we were ushered into the classroom. Once we'd got our seats, and everyone had settled down, the teacher began to introduce himself - he was the hot 'sixth-former'! No wonder he'd look confused when I told him he was fit!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thursday 29th September


Today my facebook status was 'A guy shows up late for work. The boss yells ” You should have been here at 8:30! ” he replies: “Why? What happened at 8:30?”'. Great laugh for my friends :) Well it's the morning after the birthday. Normal teenagers that the newspapers call us would have hangovers. Not for me. I was eating my lunch in the can'een mon, and wanted to give my friend a scare. She was comming towards be and I got my drinks bottle and pretended to squirt water at her. Not knowing the lid was open it came out at full blast. She got drenched! Worst of all, one of my teachers' saw and gave me a half an hour detention. My first ever detention with a real slip! Damn it! See ya's for tomorrow! There'll be a big surprise in store.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Today, I turned the big 14. Do I feel any different? NO not really. Do I feel older? Yeah, alot. Woke up to the normal 'Happy Birthdays'. Nan's card was old-fashioned (The money wasn't!), She thought she was trendy with comparing me to Simon Cowel. Quoting the card 'Do you have a talent for partying, shopping and looking young?' Inside it said '3 BIG YESSES!'. Highlight of the morning was 'It's all about the monneeyy!' and got some tickets to the west end :P Was she trying to be trendy or just making the fact I am now getting plastered in zits? Go to school, got a screechy song into my ears. Very pleasant? Standing there bright red, practically begging my friends not to tell my form tutor and get the whole class to sing the whole song? Eurgh. Yeah it happened. I had to stand on my chair, and kinda tripped on my chair? Apparently my friend's forgot there presents. Yeah, right. One even wrote in my card 'Enjoy this fab day, your not getting any younger!'. Oh yeah, rub it in. Got home. I love just saying 'It's my birthday, now do as I say'. Now my slaves won't work for me tomorrow! I was just getting used to not doing things! My homemade birthday cake got burnt and the custard for it was ruined (Anyone for burnt chocolate cake and chocolate custard?), we had no matches? Yey, woop de doo. A truly fabulous day. Hopefully my party is better.

Milan Fashion Week! Final countdown.

The last few shows to report for Milan Fashion Week! Here are the last few which I must include for you fashionista's. Has anyone seen any replica's yet on the highstreet, I might get a reporter in to do this each season. Would any of you be interested?:
Missoni- Very pastel colours, alot of woolly sweaters. Also reptile boots?
Roberto Cavalli- This collection is more art. It's so unique I can't really describe it?
Roberto CavalliRoberto CavalliRoberto Cavalli
Roberto CavalliRoberto Cavalli
Versus (By Versace)- Bit of a bland show. A bit of black blazers at the start. What is schoolgirl the new trend?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tuesday 27th September!


Today, I wore this new hoodie this is what it says. The monster growled 'Yummmmm!' because he's a greedy piggy. Then the ice lollies say 'I scream' 'You cream' 'We all scream ice cream!'. I wore this with some shorts, funny story with the shorts. I saw on TV you can make it look really authentic with a cheese grater. So I did it. And me being a numpty, started to get cheese shapes on my legs! Got a few looks in PE. I had PE today and do you get it when your really rehearsed at a sport and you get that 'Shall I show off?' feeling, and everyone else shows off and you feel bad? Ok, last night we had Chinese and I brought the leftovers into school for lunch. The footballers came over to our table and my dish was so spicey. There goes my lunch all over the hottest guys face? I felt so bad (and hungry!). The school tramp actually came over and said 'ooh, that smells nice' and started licking the footie guy's blazer! Omfg. My birthday tomorrow guys :) See ya for tomorrow!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week! Triple Take

The last few days I am yet to report for Milan Fashion Week. There isn't as many shows on near the end of the season, so I will be reporting as much as I can. Here are the top outfits and I must say I did overdo the last one :) :
Emporio Armani- Black, black and more bland black. An ok show.
Emporio ArmaniEmporio Armani
Just Cavalli- Beautiful show. They had a bit of geometric print and statement print. Plenty of neutral colours.
Just CavalliJust CavalliJust Cavalli
Moschino Cheap and Chic- A 'Budget' brand, you can tell the cheapness. Models looked happy, for once.
Moschino Cheap & ChicMoschino Cheap & ChicMoschino Cheap & Chic
Dolce & Gabbana- Very starry start and very smart, boy clothes a bit of metallics were squeezed in.
Dolce & GabbanaDolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana
Dolce & GabbanaDolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana

Monday 26th September


Today is 2 days till my birthday :P and I am wearing my 'See ya wouldn't want to Bee yah' top, get it theres a big bee on it? Has anyone else had technology fail on them and they found themself scribbling there homework in the canteen, and their teacher gave them the 'You-did-this-just-now Look'? Got my sister to email my homework for me to print off, never let your sister do that, especially when she's this techy genius and thinks I understand how to share documents? Yeah, as if i'm gonna share my homework with my 250 friends and know how to print it? Anyway, we had to do this project (Which counts towards our exams) with our crush which ment we had to swap phone numbers. Eek! I got stuck and phoned him and got so nervous down the phone I did a witches giggle down the phone! Now, he thinks i'm a total nutter. Humph, :( See ya's wouldn't want to Bee yah! Tune in for tomorrow's entry!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week! Back for more.

Browsed through the magazines today to see some bad high street replica's. Today, there were more fashion shows than usual in Milan. Here are the top 5:
Moschino: Very millitant and quite a bit of metallic.
Versace- With this show I wanted to see more of the bags! Kinda Cheryl Cole ish?
Etro- Very knitted and a few trenches. Stock up.
C'N'C Costume National- Too bland, personally.
C'N'C Costume NationalC'N'C Costume NationalC'N'C Costume National
Blumarine- Very pretty models. Collection was very 'Office Chic'. Block colours popped up. Most clothes were just in different colours.