Saturday, 28 April 2012

Today was interesting. As you see I jazzed up the treasures i've purchased this last few week. May of forgot the accessories, but i'm up with the colour popping trend. Prepared for the 'BANANA BABE' comments on the street. Check. A snazzy t-shirt. Check. Saying, 'Very Important Princess' well. [Baby voice] My mummy says i'm her ickle princess. Messy room. Check. I never realised that when you're on skype and you have your 'I wanna see you shake shake move move drop what yo momma said!' and 'Its getting hot in here' (Old tunes. Yes the joy of friends.) Well all I can say is, sorry for party rocking. Awkward moment it's a rather hot guy (Think Justin Bieber, Sam Way and a tad of Liam Payne in one) looking a bit stunned. All I could say was. 'Sorry for party rocking'. Gotta go get changed, two secs and will write a tad more <3

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