Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday 10th April


Today was interesting. Ah the joy of some tiler knocking on my door this morning, the joy of She shouting, 'GET THE DOOR'. Did she know I had a photo shoot where my hair was 'volumized' a bit too much and I had gigantic knots all over, and 'Untangler' wasn't working? The tiler had his got apprentice. He seemed displeased at my sexiness in the morning. But what's nicer than seeing an old bloke in the morning with a really fit Taylor Lautner lookalike! IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! ALL DAY TOMORROW! WOOP! I think I died after admiring his buttocks, when it arose that he was married. With a child. Well, he wasn't Sam Way was he? But oh the 8 pack. That's what you get with teenage pregnancy kiddies. Also, peed off my acceptance letter hasn't come through. I've been practicing my 'Billy Elliot' moment all through the 2 weeks so far. Oh well. I was shopping with She, and found a great dress that I wanted to try on. While I was in the changing rooms, I realised the dress was far too small for me - but I'd already squeezed into it! I was completely stuck, so I texted her to come and help me get out of it... The only way she could get it off was to rip it open - mortifying! If that wasn't bad enough, while I was getting dressed again, he took it out to the sales assistant and said, 'Sorry, it was too small,' - just as a group of girls walked past. They looked at her strangely and started laughing - they thought she'd tried it on. See ya's for tomorrow!

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