Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday 21st April

Today was interesting. Oh my days, so today I was meant to go to a fashion show casting. But She was all, 'NOOO, you don't want to take public transport do you?' making me think twice. I still wanted to go; Because someone from TOWIE would be at the fashion show. So, it was an unpaid job but i'd get paid in the joy of showing off to every tangoed bish at school. Yay. But in the end I didn't go as I was kept as 'Mum wanted you to stay so you could tidy the house for her' Say whut? Firstly this week she doesn't post my letter or she lies saying she's ring up BRIT now keeping me hostage for CLEANING. Is she insane? Like I really know how to clean. I spent most of the day not cleaning. But what did amuse me was She asked me to clean some wall or something then I said I need the lavatory and would do it afterwards. I come out of the lav, and she's already done it. 'I said I would do it!' then she turns around and complains for the rest of the say how her back hurt from bending down. Not like I said I would do it or anything. When our friends come over it's 'CLEAN YOUR OWN ROOM' but when it's hers we have to do it... Right now i've got a bunch of middle aged women heavily drunk. Cackling at a film. Not just any film, MY film. No permission granted they just took it! See ya's for tomorrow!

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