Saturday, 26 October 2013

What did Cara Delevingne say this week?

Queen Delevingne said she wants to try a singing career!
Model, Cara Delevingne will be releasing her inner Beyonce as early as next year! To Rita Ora's disgust. (Well they haven't been chummy lately with Rita working with DKNY too 'by coincidence' pfft). 
Back in May it was rumoured that twenty-one year old Cara had been writing lyrics and testing our her vocals when she wasn't strutting down those catwalks; all hoping to become a recording artist. It was then rumoured that Cara was in talks with P Diddy about her singing career, well it definitely worked!
In 2014 model Cara may no longer exist as she could be trading make-up trailers for the tourbus, in the run up to her solo debut. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a fun tourbus! Where can I sign up to be Cara's tour assistant?! Imagine the look on Harry Style's face; maybe a 1D and Delevingne colab could be in the future. After all, they constantly seem to be having an 'on/off relationship'.
"Cara loves singing," a source close to the model told Sunday People. "When she was younger, she would sit at home and mess about but recently she has started to take it more seriously."
"She is a very busy girl at the moment, with a couple of movies lined up as well as her modelling. Now it looks like things will be kicking off for her musically next year." 
With featuring on Will Heard's cover of Sonnntanz's Sun Don't Shine and performing on stage with Rita Ora at the DKNY party- it's not the first time we've heard those vocals and certainly won't be the last. But, with the film 'Kids in Love' and a part in the new Amanda Knox biopic- we're surprised she has time to be recording!
Fair to say, Harry Style's is probably gutted he's not with her and will probably ring her up when she's a popstar.
Toodles oh and here's her singing:

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