Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Kelly Brook


Standards are slipping

So this has been brought to my attention recently. The modelling industry isn't particularly prone to diversity. Well saying that; Asian models are popping up more and so are plus size models (but not on the runways). Asians; bear in mind in China the average woman is 5ft2 and Asian's aren't particularly flaunted for their height...I'm not going to lie I do often feel jealous of the models on the runways; especially models who are obviously not 5ft8 upwards and still manage to get signed by top agencies. Models shall not be named but if you're into models, you can tell who I mean. Or guess a lot of girls who still apply to these underhand tactics: which is a bit unfair to EVERYONE else who wants to be a model. Why are todays standards so high? Kate Moss & Twiggy famously didn't match the height standards. Neither did Marilyn Monroe. If the height was a problem then- they'd sure miss a lot of money girls. How do you know that's not what it's like today? I'm sure there's girls who could potentially be the next Kate Moss- but will never get signed and find out if designers like them or not. Like a hidden gem no-one will discover. If Kate Moss tried to enter the industry today (Imagine she was a teenager as older models don't get much recognition nowadays) do you think she'd make it at 5ft6? There's some food for thought, on pancake day.

What also seems to amuse me is that you are not likely to see giants walking around the place. The average woman in the UK is 5ft4. When will designers understand that they need models that look like the public? They've started conveying this with plus size models. But where are the petite models? I understand models need to fit samples; but if there's petite clothing for petite ladies, there has to be a market for petite models. 

Plus size models show a change; but let's be blunt, is it doing as much good as it says on the tin? Plus size models encourage obesity- a condition which the NHS is constantly paying for. Same as size 0 models encourage eating disorders (I'm not meaning all, but it's the general stereotype). Why can't the industry meet in the middle? Someone with a healthy BMI. Maybe a healthy size like Holly Willoughby or Kelly Brook? Toned, but not overweight. 

I hope you've been enlightened and if you're an agency/big designer take on board my views; maybe in a few years the gem's will be discovered. 

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