Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday 9th February


Today was interesting. Today was great, if you define great as boredom. Because I do my odd bit for the school newspaper (It's not nerdy or anything, it's a good way to earn a GCSE) I had to attend Spanish club after school today which was porkward, my pronounciation was ace my teacher was gobsmacked by it. I get into a bad habit of always having She buy me pads when I needed them. So when to day she didn’t want to I had to suck it up and go myself. She drove me to a near by a gas station I got down and went straight to the aisle where I knew they were at. I grab a package of pads and hurry to make the line of the female cashier. When I get to the counter the female just had to walk off at that point, leaving me to go to the next cashier who was a male. Being embarrassed I walked away and acted like I need something else. I was way to embarrassed to go to the male. So I walked around the small gas station just looking around like I needed something else, waiting for the female to return. Five minutes passed by and she still hadn't returned so I decided to act grown and just go to the male cashier. As I was about to walk up to the counter a couple of guys I knew from school walked in. Turning bright red I turned around quickly and put the pads on a shelf near by and greeted them as if I was in there for another reason. I thought they would only be in there for a couple of minutes so I again acted like I was looking for something in each aisle. By this time about 15 minutes have passed and She is watching me through the big glass window laughing so hard. She knew how embarrassed I was by this point. The guys left and I went to the male cashier and tried to hurry. I was walking out very upset with my mom and as I was just about to get into the car, a car of guys pulled up next to us. Everyone knows plastic bags are see through so I was swinging my arms a little extra to make sure they couldn’t see what was in the bag. All of a sudden I saw something go flying up in the air. That’s when I realized I didn’t have a grip on both handles of the bag and my pads went flying making them visible for everyone to see. The worst part was they landed underneath the guys car and picked them up and handed them to me. She is now aware I won't be purchasing them again. See ya;s for tomorrow!

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