Thursday, 15 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay 6th

Keeping up with the celebs. Who inspires your style? Why, how?
Celebrities are a massive part of most people's lives. We copy their hair, make-up, actions and fashion, as they influence nearly every part of our lives! There are some certain individuals who I completely idolize and want to copy their every outfit and make-up look!
The top most influential person for me personally is the one and only Kylie Jenner. Her style is always perfectly on-point. She changes up her style - some days it's dark and edgy and then the next it's girly! I often do this, so I take an awful lot of inspiration from her outfits! Her hair is absolutely beautiful! I also have ombréd hair, but I actually didn't copy it from her, but I would love to have her ombréd bob! Lastly, make-up. Kylie's make-up is always perfect, I take a lot of inspiration from her make-up looks also as she always looks flawless. Her signature look is the 'winged eyeliner and red lip' which I have tried to recreate a zillion times!
I think she's quite different to the rest of the Kardashians in some ways, as she has her own style and is very naturally pretty as well as when she's all made up!
My next fashion inspiration is Lauren Pope. If you don't know her, Lauren is a reality TV star on The Only Way Is Essex, which is a controversial show but I love it so much! Recently, she's had a very sophisticated, catwalk inspired style and I love it! She always looked very stylish, glamorous and classy. Wherever she's going or whatever she's doing, she looks set for the red carpet!
Her make-up is always lovely, with those perfectly chiseled cheekbones of hers! I try to channel a bit of her through my style some days, but I probably fail! Lauren recently developed her own clothing line with In The Style, so here's a link to that Not surprisingly, all the clothes are gorgeous and reflect her style very well!
No fashion inspiration would be complete without this beauty, Cara Delevinge. A model herself, she always looks beautiful. She has quite a boyish style, which I have tried to wear myself. She doesn't go over the top with her clothes, she just looks very casual. Most of the time, she's styling some skinny jeans, or high waisted shorts, which are my favourite! We have something in common in that neither of us wear much colour! Her hair is always very simple, and perfectly messy and it just suits her perfectly, and I would love to have her hair! She has her signature brown smokey eye look, which looks perfect and is also one of my favourite eye looks as it's quite edgy yet girly enough. I'm sure that Cara is many young girls fashion/beauty icon!

 How  could I forget one of my favourite people ever?! Cheryl Cole! She has been one of my inspirations for a very long time, when she had red hair I dyed my red, turned out awful but oh well! I do love Cheryl Cole's style as she changes it up a lot, and she always look gorgeous, whether she's casual or not. I was so happy to hear she's back on the X factor as she always looks stunning each week. I am incredibly jealous of her!
 I suspect many of your fashion inspirations will probably be the same as mine, very mainstream I know, but who are your fashion favourites? And how do they influence your style?
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Name: Lydia
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Favourite Make-up Brand: MAC
Favourite Model: Cara Delevinge
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