Friday, 21 February 2014

Shopping, fashion week and inflatable people...

Shopping, fashion week inflatable people...

Hopefully that title has intrigued you because I need to do an 'UPDATE' post of everything that has happened recently on my style travels... Busy doesn't even describe in the slightest everything that's happened recently... hey ho fashion is chaotic, life is chaotic. Therefore fashion blogger life is very chaotic. I say staring at my pigsty of a room where the clothes are scattered everywhere... 

On the 9th of February (yes look how delayed I am, terrible) I set sail to Pure London, a buyer's event which allows bloggers to come and scout new fashion brands and generally get lost in the fashion on offer at London's Olympia. A huge warehouse full to the brim of new brands- heaven! Plus Pizza Express was there :) Yes fashion people do eat. The food stands probably had the longest queues there to be honest. The hall was so huge it was easy to get lost and there was a lot to see. I thought it was kinda funny on my behalf because firstly my Mum couldn't come, so I was a teenager, penniless, at a buyer's shopping event. I was just doing my thing checking out the rails (like everyone else) and suddenly everyone started showing me the price tags of the clothes and asking 'Do you own a boutique?' Hahah. No just a blogger- possibly with a wardrobe the size of a boutique but not a budget the size of a boutique. Stall holders also kept standing right behind me as I browsed- yes like I would totally steal something. Definitely put me off blogging about the brands to be honest. But that's what happens at markets doesn't it? They're right at your back trying to get a sale (sorry if it sounds offensive but it's kinda true). Kinda sad as the brands had nice clothes and at the time I was looking for an outfit for London Fashion Week- which would've been music to their ears- exposure at Fashion Week... However, I did arrive home with heavy shopping bags... full of leaflets. Including a DKNY bag which my Mother's eyes glowed at.

London Fashion Week. No not the actual one- I'm not that famous... yet. Although I was tempted to stop at Somerset House to do some celeb-spotting. I did see Kate Moss... 's exhibition at TATE Intimate! Which was one of the most beautiful works I've seen in my short life. Wow, beyond wow. Think Kate Moss but with a pop-art burst of pinks and blues and you get the Russel Marsh exhibition at TATE Intimate. The journey was a small studio filled of 10 canvases (which were retailing at over £3K!) which chronologically showed Kate's modelling highlights and narrated her life highlights. Including her lows and woes. It was interesting to just see the bursts of colour amongst the plain, white walls of the studio. It quite sad to see Kate hadn't actually been to her own exhibition. However I was informed that she is aware of it and has signed pictures for the auction. Kinda sad though- it would've been cool to see Kate sign the guestbook...

Coolest table I've ever seen!

Moving on, blogger event celebrating handbags and street style- I'm there! It was literally a room of impeccably dressed people chatting, gazing at handbags and meeting the editor of Glamour magazine! The editor spoke about street style in particular and it was interesting as it didn't really go into much depth as we all thought it would do. She brung up the fact that nowadays everyone cares about not just the clothes on show- but the clothes even show assistants are wearing nowadays. She also brung up the question is the internet destroying print magazines? Perhaps time will tell and a Channel 4 documentary should be made! I thought more about the place of models in the street style craze. A model's uniform is normally plain black skinny jeans and t-shirts but with the street style craze- are models frowned upon if they don street style? Or will the uniform change? Might have to do an investigation on this in the summer hols. The handbags were lush but given the lavish hotel reception they were using- they weren't cheap... Shame I was actually around alot of cool street style to photograph- but iPhones are awful to work with. I had my phone off THE WHOLE DAY and somehow lost 50% charge. Plus it would've been awkward to ask people for a photo. Anywho, look at these Pinterest worthy piccies (pin if you wish!)

Anywho, to the actual shows I was. Standing outside in the freezing cold- my mucus thanks you dearly fashion week... I reached the inside of the shows. At this point my iPhone battery was beyond dead and I was tempted to actually complain to Apple- but with no phone I was a little lost. Curse you modern, pretty popular phones! Anyway I saw the Mercendez Benz graduate catwalk and the Bernard Chandran shows- courtesy of Fashion Scout. I noticed a lot of mixes with leather as a future trend and the clothes aren't too shapely as they typically are... perhaps to hide excess Christmas pounds. I liked the complimentary colours used in the shows and navy is set to be the new black.

That's all I've gathered on my travels. I apologise for the lack of photos- need to ration iPhone battery charge it seems (has anyone else experienced this or is it just me?). I would've posted my street style- but I might have to stage that for you to see :)

So I've recently taken up Instagram (when my iPhone charge is in tact) and have been eagerly stalking supermodels style, like Magdalena above and just wanted to put it out there that I'm signed up! I have a personal account (so occasional selfie) but if this account goes well I'll create a blog one to visually show the posts more. My account is @Kheiraaa and enjoy photos like the above one!

Peace, Louboutins and Love.

P.S: Check out this street style for you. One of the LFW highlights I can assure you! Loving Pandemonia's street style! 


  1. everything looks so good here,nice pictures.

  2. Kate Moss is my favorite fashion model of all times. Great collection indeed!