Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday 13th December


Today was interesting. I had my show today acting as a schoolgirl, I pretended to be a really snobby posh one to really show off that my 3 lines are an understatement. Of course all the parents afterwards said, your amazing! Well, my ones. But in the other groups play I had to step in for some girl at a funeral, I had to mime myself dying in the war. Coincidental if the girl was at a funeral? So in my mime, I ran on and slipped in my socks. So I kinda already died before I was ment to, my que was the second Bang. So Bang, Bang and I kinda waved. Lol. Very coincidental as I also had a very bad migraine in school today. The office rang She and when She came in, I may of accidentally filled my headteachers shoes with an unknown substance. Hey ho. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck with any future shows!

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