Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday 20th December


Today was interesting. Well about as interesting as a llama to be exact. I woke up, walked out my door and stepped in dog's pee. She woke up to me squealing like a little girl (Well i'm not a little boy... well..), this was at 7:30am eurgh. We got on the train and there was a guy saying, 'I hope this prison sentence isn't as long as the last mum' on the phone.
Then we get on the Underground, and everyone knows the Underground don't they? Densely packed, very quick you know. So I was sat holding on, making sure I wasn't going to go flying and this punky looking girl, started rolling a cigarette right next to me. I made a sicky noise and she put it away. So we get to Winter Wonderland and it was jam packed and they were ready to take your money. In the Circus  it was okay, not the best show i've ever seen. I certainly wasn't 'Grinning from ear to ear' in the circus it was pretty amateur, on Britains Got Talent it's much better, what made me laugh was a girl throwing balls into a box and expected cheer for it? See ya's for tomorrow!

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