Monday, 26 December 2011


Today is Boxing day and probably one of the last days I can get away with wearing my 'Elfis is in the building' t-shirt. Boxing day is pretty like Christmas, I was a bit upset we didn't play any Christmas songs yesterday so I put them on loud (RRRRRRAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEE!). I also came to a conclusion that Adele is the voice of 2011, and no-one can doubt it. Although, I prefer Lana Del Rey's voice to Adele's I shouldn't say much more... Today She's new dining room chairs came, very sexy I just not lie, no-one appreciated them coming at 8am as the women in my house don't wear bra's to bed (Except moi). They were quite big chairs. I picked up a chair and as I moved though the doorway I just got stuck there, what was worse was I hadn't eaten anything yet, but I kept blaming the chairs as you do. I was so wedged in I even managed to trap my arm. Nobody would help me because they all found it so hilarious. For me? Not so funny. I ended up with a massive bruise and a bright red face. This is why sometimes my family are not helpful or loving. They love to laugh at me sometimes. See ya's tomorrow and remember to play those last minute Christmas songs :)

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