Thursday, 29 December 2011


Today was interesting. Not much long left till we return to early mornings, early bedtimes, forgotten homework and uniform. Had to remind yous because I love you so much :) This morning my laptop came, along with 3 other parcels (Not for me of course) and because my laptop was ordered in The Older & Wiser's name, I didn't know which was mine :L I did a guess and picked the biggest one, ripped it open and it was old lady's underwear? This is from a 27 year old snob who came out She already with a credit card bill from House Of Fraser. Door rings and I snatch the parcel out of the scared postman. Ripped this one open and it was nextdoors delivered by mistake. Jls condoms? From the couple next door. Pfft. Lazy postman, cbf to walk nextdoor. The final parcel came and voila, it's pink and sexy :P See ya's for tomorrow! A little surprise segment will be introduced..

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