Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday 30th December


Today was interesting, oh fudge just realised it's a Friday. But, on the plus side MY NEW BAG CAME TODAY! Look it has mini me on it in a little pink dress. It's a cheap canvas one but The Old & Wise One? bought me a canvas one and a large one for Christmas as I am a pain to buy for. Ever woken up to the sound of parcels? AT 7AM! Is that a joke? I feel sorry for the postmen, waking up at gawd know's what time just to wake up people, who probably 'aren't in'. I had to sign for my first parcel today, meant to sign my sister's and since it was cold outside I shook, and drew a 'K' which looked more like a demented 'M' (Don't ask). We also went into the bank, (Paying my sister for my smexy laptop) and I got accused of trying to steal my own money. They make you laugh. I spent ages memorizing my pin to find out it was incorrect. And when the lady smiled, she looked like she had just eaten some garbage (Sure did smell a bit whiffy when I got my money). I got home and had some Pringles which are a waste, especially if you rarely eat any and those monsters you call 'siblings' have scoffed the whole thing and left about three which probably contained the least flavour. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow, gotta have my spaghetti and meatballs, yum.

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