Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday 28th December


Today was interesting. I cracked open my new wii game, 'Just Dance 3' if your wondering, I did get it late but I'm not one of those fans who camp outside to get the new releases. Just dance amazes me. You can do it once and get 3540 then do it again (Same dance) and get 9670. You can even do it on xbox and get perfect's all through, then on the wii you get okay's. They do make you laugh. Today I went with the 'I-wear-blazers-outside-of-school' look. She had her friend from work round ours today, she brought over her two snotty, kids.Of course they came to play in my clean, tidy, spotless room and I was losing it when they started throwing my Christmas presents around. As they needed a distraction before my room looked like a dump I decided to play hide and seek with  the little male, monster. I spotted him hiding behind the door so I leaned round it and shouted "BOO!" As I did it though, I slipped and kicked the door, bashing him in the face! He was bawling and ended up with a black eye. They're obviously not coming round again. :/ See ya's for tomorrow!

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