Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday 3rd December


Today was interesting, I didn't wear much (Naughty!) extravagance. Well, if you call a Juicy Couture hooded jacket extravagant. I shouldn't say but I do love a bit of Juicy, not really on trend but if it's warm and stylish who cares? Do you know what I don't get, how a supermarket is a hang out? Well, if your a mum with snotty kids then maybe.Today She made me walk into a well known fast. Those menu's are hard to read when your temporarily blind (Bigger font please if your reading!)  I asked the woman behind the counter for a juicy chicken burger, since it looked appetising, reading what it said on the menu. The staff always look fed-up but she gave me a look which read 'Is-this-girl-for-real?'  I repeated my order and when she handed it to me she said enjoy your 'JUNIOR' chicken burger and laughed. I just had to laugh in her face, really exaggerated.  Well she made me look an idiot? I'll accept a public apology. See ya's for tomorrow.

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