Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wednesday 21st December


Today was interesting, 4 days to go till the big day and if you read about what happened on my birthday, you'll certainly be getting ready thinking 'OMFG this girl is amazing, what else can she do!' well, as I have matured in my teenage years i've gone off Christmas. I mean unless your 5 it's a time when spoilt kids get their own way. Anywho, today I got noticed by a bunch of girls I didn't recognise at all. Porkward.. but I did finish my christmas shopping. Today I decided, 'Let's be a big kid' and wanted to go on a sleigh slope in a shopping centre. All the other kids in the queue were possibly half my age but I got really freaked out when I got up there, it was tiny! But I did go down, and my chino's (Trousers famous for being half way down your legs, yes gran they now make those) decided to move off my legs during the slide down the slope and stay near the top. Porkward, see ya's for tomorrow and keep following!

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