Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday 6th October

Today was interesting. Who's enjoying Strictly so far? Dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun! Love love love it! What happens when my sister's invited to a fabulous birthday party? We order chinese and have a big movie night. In your face little one. Saturday means shopping day. I was shopping with mum, looking for last minute birthday presents for That and as we got on the escalator to come downstairs in the shopping centre I noticed my shoelace was undone. I thought I'd just wait until we got to the bottom to sort it as it would be a bit dangerous to try and do it while the escalator was moving. When I got to the bottom and tried to walk off I face planted the floor! My lace had got stuck. I thought I was going to die. A girl from my school had seen what had happened and ran and found an assistant. They had to emergency stop the stairs, and there was a massive queue of people waiting to get down the stairs, all giving me horrible looks. At least the birthday boy didn't see the presents, see I do pull major distractions so mum can buy the presents! A bit too major distractions... Well, I was the right girl for the job. See ya's for tomorrow for birthday drama. Next week, what happens when I'm in a fashion show, modelling for a friend of Katie Price. drama!

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