Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday 11th December


Today was interesting. Had to do some homework, more like an essay with It going in the background 'Friends is on!' then 'Strictlys on' then 'X Factors on!'. How can I concentrate with it! Oh well. No-one likes Sunday's to they? It's when you go 'Oh sugar!' at your homework. Me, It and She decided to go shopping into a big department store.  I was looking after It, wtf should I look after that little git? . She started to get upset because she wanted She, so we went into the changing rooms to find her. We yanked back the curtain we thought was my She's cubicle, but I was faced with the lovely view of an old lady trying on some very trendy looking bra's. Let's just say she's on trend for the Victorian look this autumn. Anyone got that Sunday night feeling? Mee. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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