Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday 5th December


Today was interested. Alarm failed on me this morning, so I did the whole 'Wonderwoman-attempt'. Don't say you've never done it? The whole wizz around, half asleep, splashing cold water in your face. Then when you walk into English and find out you have to talk to the whole class, as an assessment. Eurgh. Lovely wake up call! Maths is just a pain, yeah like we'll really revise over Christmas! She made me take the bus home today with the load of chav's. Me- a pretty sensible child (Ikr?)- I sit with my iPod throughout the journey. Me with my exotic music taste I played 'I'm sexy and I know it', I started you know getting into the groove, doing a little boogie, singing (With my bad throat). The year 7 brat's behind me though it was clever to take my headphones out and make me go red, infront of the 'Baddaman's' of our year. Ironic, they thought these boys were me enemies and that i'd be humiliated. But no :) Well i'm so excited for Wednesday, attending the 'Clothes Show Live', i'll be reporting some treasures :) See ya's!

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