Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday 16th December


Today was interesting. I <3 these hello kitty pyjama's and I have worn them quite a bit on here, but they're snazzy.  In P.E we were (shivering)  playing football in PE and I wasn’t paying attention, I was more interested in how the shade of white had came out on my nails,. All of a sudden I heard somebody shout, “Move!” but it was too late – the ball just casually strolled onto my face and hit me. The whole match had to be paused for the teacher to check that I was OK, I was but my nails had chipped and looked rough and ugly looking! I bet I sound like a right blonde bimbo, but oh well 9 days till christmas! Enjoy any parties tonight girlies. See ya's for tomorrow, don't forget to follow your favourite blogger!

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