Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday 14th December


Today was interesting. It was our last assembly before Christmas so we had the headtecher in and alot more teachers in than usual. At a moment when it was particularly quiet when there was a technical problem with the video clips, the let's say not as slim person next to me let out a huge fart and it echoed around the hall. Everyone heard it, laughed and there was an audience watching us, and the boy who did it blamed it on me, Oh joy and because he was large and fairly popular of course everyone believed him including the teachers. Oh joy... In Drama today we were doing masks and well, I kinda walked into a door with a mask on. Mask's are hard to breathe in, so if i'm dying every two seconds battling a cold, I kinda struggled breathing too. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow and remember to enter our first to 100 contest :)

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