Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24th December


Today is Christmas Eve! Who's excited? Who's 'rents brought down a massive pile of presents today and only 10 of them were for you? That's the only downsize you get for asking for money at Christmas time, your siblings get lots and you barely see your name on any of the labels. Oh well, I sound so spoilt but you can't help it at Christmas can you? Every family has their traditions we have a few which are: Opening one present tonight (Yay) which is pyjama's (No!) which we wear to bed after a warm bath, having Rossi's ice cream on Xmas eve and having some karaoke on Xmas eve. So  I was playing X Factor with my clan after ice cream. It was my turn to sing (Oh god), but when I opened my mouth to showcase my magical vocal talents, a fly flew in and I choked hard on it. We had to get She to push it upwards, let's just say it was a very big, dramatic finish everyone was expecting. Well, the photo is delayed because I am awaiting to put on my brand new jim jams remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus tomorrow and please don't boast to your facebook friends about how much money your parents spent, because I guarantee no-one will care. Peace, see ya's for tomorrow for my Christmas special, remember my birthday I hope it's not like that event again.

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