Saturday, 17 December 2011

Saturday 17th December


Today was interesting. Got myself a job in a hairdressers, well got put down on a really long waiting list but still when 50 people taste my magnificent cupcakes, i'll be a Saturday girl at my mums local. Raking in the dough :) Speaking of dough my saturday night will be Strictly, Michael McIntyre served with chinese. Delish. Oh well, today was interesting I took my little three year old cousin (Still thinking of a nickname for her, but she rarely ruins my life) to the shopping centre with me and a few of my girl and guy friends for last minute Christmas shopping and she loves running around toy shops and she happens to pick up cheap bits. There was my local dance group performing in the middle, and there was a crowd forming a circle around them. A lady shouted 'Cupcakes on offer today only!' yum, she'll love those so I walked over and had a peek, in which time she had darted straight in the middle of the circle, pulled her trousers down, and shouted "I need a wee!" really sweetly, all the dancers turned around and said 'Awwwh' but with a face which read 'You-ruined-my-chance-of-showbiz' rude much. But well a cute toddler did steal the spotlight. See ya's for tomorrow!

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