Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tuesday 27th December


Today was interesting. I decided to wear my 'Pink Prisoner' pj's because being stuck in a dull, gloomy house all winter isn't exactly ideal. But I guess it's better than being out in the freezing cold, wet wintry days. I thought to myself today, 'What can I do which is fun, takes a while and wouldn't rue the day?'. MAKE PIZZA! Perfect. An italian food lover, something that takes a while which will keep me occupied with a delicious end result. So I got in the kitchen and started pouring flour and other things into the bowl. Then came the tomato sauce, a very slippery sustance. Try spilling it on the floor and She comes in. Not a pretty sight, good job we have a carpet in the kitchen. The pizza itself tasted really spicey. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow.

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