Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday 19th November


Today was interesting. Who else watched CIN last night? Does anyone else get it when you like One Direction for only one person in it? Then you have to go out and buy a load of merchandise, just to see that one? Well today the christmas market was in town and the high street was mobbed. So I was walking around and we got in a queue for some fresh hot dogs (Bleurgh, I'd love to go veggie, but I couldn't live without pasta ) and I recognised the voice infront of me. I soon realised it was my head teacher, looking normal no suit or anything! Today I might just mention I had caught an infectious cold from some germ ridden freak at school, with no hygiene who just yakked all over me. Yuck. I was there waiting for my mum's hot dog, and I knew a big sneeze was comming. Fumbling through my pockets, I just could not find the tissues. Ah, ah ah choooo. I went all on top of my headteachers bald head. But you know sometimes your substances travel long distances, let's just say a very firm looking woman didn't order mustard.. See ya's for tomorrow :)

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