Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday 2nd December


(Sorry for not posting yesterday guys! But you must appreciate when a mum says i'm too ill for going on the computer, I must obey her!). Today was interesting. A non-pupil day for me and It and That had a number day at school to attend, so neither of us were learning (Well they learnt maths?). We had to go and do the food shopping today. But seriously food shopping? She can spend £150 on food and by Tuesday there's nothing in the cupboards! I swear if food prices rise any higher everyone will live on cereal. But I went because i'm a good little daughter (Sacrificing my day off which I could of been with my friends, well she was busy at her dad's, but you can't moan to She saying 'I can't do this I haven't got any plans!' just no). We got to the till- and I was checking how much everything costs, because £150 could buy alot of clothes. She said I was annoying and  to go stand by the wall whilst she loaded the trolley. I leaned against the wall and got a sharp pain as I leaned against a fire extinguisher, so I side stepped across the wall. When I leaned back again I went flying outside as I had leant against the fire escape. Not only did the whole shop see, but it set the fire alarms off too! And She didn't think I could get anymore annoying. See ya's for tomorrow!

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