Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday 4th October


Today, I went swimming with my She and It (Bro), and we were all having a really fun time… That was until It, who's only four, stood up at the side of the pool and shouted, 'Hey, look at this everybody!' as he pulled his trunks down! I started shouting at him to stop, but he just said I should do it too! He even tried to pull my bikini bottoms off! Luckily I was under the water, but my mum said I went really red! As that guy on Disney would say 'This is a disaaaaaaster!'. Anyways, my top is very inspirational today. It says 'Sing like no-ones listening, dance like no-ones watching'. I only bought it because it was cute :) And, i'm disappointed today we keep getting high pageviews yet we go down a follower. Follow us.

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