Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween craft!

Boo-tastic decor!

This next tutorial is really cute and the technique could be used for bedroom decoration or Christmas decoration- not just Halloween :)

  • Cardboard or wooden letters
  • Fabric scraps (or you could print off Halloween pictures and use them instead)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Strong glue (Not a glue stick)
  1. Cut up your pictures/fabric strips into strips. If you are using fabric strips, you will need to wrap each strip around the letter using the glue. If using paper/printed off pictures you will need to cover the letters in the papers by gluing them on normally.
  2. Using the paintbrush, slather on some glue over your letters. Leave this to dry overnight over a radiator.
  3. Proudly display once the glue has dried up :)
Plus you don't always have to use the word 'BOO' you could have 'Trick or Treat' written, so it decorates the entrance to your house. Or the word 'Wicked' if you like the musical :) 
Here are some links to Halloween scrapbook papers for this tutorial:

Products used in this tutorial:

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