Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sunday 25th December


Today is Christmas day which is basically (When you hit the teenage years) a normal day with presents. But if you believe in Santa Clause everything's magical and all a big amusement park of toys. But when you hit puberty it's a Sunday with gifts you couldn't care less about. You spend the morning, after all the bickering beforehand 'I don't want anything' 'You can't have nothing, what about money?' 'Okay then money'- You get some small cheap bits for presents and a load of money, whilst the siblings are mucking around with their xbox games and race car set, your sat putting on a big smile before you get told off to 'Relax, smile'. Doing your Oscar deserving piece, with a smile too big for you. How boring. And then you've got that question, 'Did you get everything you wanted?'. And you feel like responding saying 'Well I did want Zayn Malik, Sam Way, oh yes the inbetweeners movie, an iPad 2 some shopping vouchers etc' and you just reply saying 'I don't know' which any teen knows means you didn't like anything! Liking my pj's? Well you can't forget the dinner, I mean i'm not too keen on roasts but I do love some stuffing. But when your cousins are practically scoffing it down, like dogs it's very hard to concentrate. Now, i'm off to watch something decent: Not a disney film i've seen all my life, I wanted to watch 'Elf' (Practically the best xmas film ever) i'll probably be asked to open and set up 'Guess who', some Strictly later. Enjoy your Christmas, if you can.

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