Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday 4th December


Today was interesting. She's  mate came over from Australia to visit us, he would be staying for dinner. Yes, he was gay and could go a little over the top sometimes with his humour, in the rude way.  We took him out shopping in our local area and popped into a shop to buy some groceries. I walked over to the magazine section, because I have a life; only to hear over the tannoy, "Will my lovely litttle Princess Keira please come to the check-out." He had got the service desk to put out that announcement, you'd guess that a bunch of chavy little year 7's came over and said 'I'd hate to be that girl'. So I stood waiting, thinking of a way to make myself look cool. Then I heard the voice, 'Keira, come here or i'll put the spot cream back and you'll have to be spotty all week'. When parent's laugh at their hilarious jokes... Like my outfit for today? And it's a pale pink top, i'm not some kinda stripper in training. I love the versatility of waistcoats, their so cute and hip. Well, I think so. DKNY if your reading, back me up! See ya;s for tomorrow!

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