Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pimp my Pumpkin!

Pimp my Pumpkin!
I saw this show last night about how they farm pumpkins and let's be honest, the plain, orange pumpkin is a bit last year. Am I right? So how about this year we make a pumpkin that even Dracula would applaud? This one is black and silver themed, but I think a pink one would be awesome! As always my tutorials are only a guide and you can go wild with how you want yours to look like. Feel free to paint yours in different ways, Halloween doesn't always have to be creepy :)


  • A pumpkin (bit obvious)
  • Black spray paint
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Gems/Jewels (or sequins or maybe stick on bats would be cool)
  • Newspaper (to put around your surface to avoid mess!)
  • Silver paint
  1. Firstly, put some newspaper down around your work surface. It always gets messy when you've got paint out!
  2. Get that pumpkin out and it's time to pimp it out! With this tutorial you use black spray paint to cover the whole pumpkin- you could always use paint but spray paint takes less time. You may want to paint it to a minimum of 2/3 layers, make sure it's all covered and evenly done.
  3. For the stalk of the pumpkin (the top part) use your paintbrush to paint it all silver. You could spray paint this, but make sure it doesn't overlap onto your whole pumpkin.
  4. Time to start sticking your jewels onto your masterpiece! I recommend having a lot around the top and having the jewels 'drip' down the side of the pumpkin, like a necklace would drape around someone's neck.
P.s: I understand my picture looks messy, but who cares :)

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