Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday 31st December


Today was New Years Eve, and incase i'm not on at Midnight (I'll be out saying 'Ooh pretty colours' at the fireworks). Everyone does say that in the shops don't they, they just say 'Pink!' and then everyone turns around assuming your mental! But, I thought i'd do a close up on my mini me from my new bag. I can't tell you where I got them from, but I can tell you the frustration I went through to get one, this is only my canvas one the real one hasn't arrived (I ordered them on the same day?). The cast of TOWIE have one of these fab bags, I now have one. But seriously it took me months to get hand of my second choice for one (Same price, just limited outfit choices) and now the actual ones, that you can personalize to make it just like you, HAVE COME IN STOCK! They've also bumped the prices up, i'll have to save up for another. But anyway today was interesting. How about taking your dog out for a walk, and he cowardly cries as some loser put's on a fireworks display before midnight? He cries and acts up, and he won't move so your standing there saying 'There, there'. Oh well, see ya's for tomorrow.

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