Thursday, 22 December 2011


Today was interesting and no I did not wear shorts outside today. I did however have to walk the dog outside in the wet, slushy, sticky mud. Very glamorous I would say, just as you do everyday. Of course I did this in style, in my very stylish Pineapple trainers with little hearts on them, the must-have for any dancer. The awkward moment when She asks 'Who bought you them?'. Erh you, the time I asked for new P.E trainers and you were very 'Yeah okay whatever'. So I went walking and I was with It (Sisterly love) when we stumpled across all this mud so we thought it would be fun to walk in it, well I got dared too... It was pretty sticky though, and she slipped over, getting absolutely covered in the stuff in the process. We also did it to the dog, well he stunk anyway, It also shoved me in it.  When we got home we told She about the mud place and her face fell. She explained to us it wasn't mud I was rudely shoved in  it just happened to be a thing called sewage which is poo realistically. I only got a little bit on me, thank god. See ya's for tomorrow!

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