Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday 12th December


Today was interesting, as you can't see very well i'm wearing a Christmassy top which says 'Elfis is in the house' with a little elf< So today was fun, It and That kept gloating about how they don't have any lessons this week and get to watch Christmas films and make crafts. How bloody unfair? Not a good start to the week, imagine us teenagers sat in Math's practically dying and your siblings are laughing at Elf. Not cool. As a plus I got my bestie to come round my house today for tea, yes I call it tea.She wasn't in my last lesson so I waited outside, as she came out towards me she slipped on the rain (We are in England!) and instinctively grabbed for me to stop herself from falling. It didn't work as she still fell, but she did manage to pull my skirt down as she went.The worst part was the Year 7's were around with their mum's and their mum's went 'Shield your eyes kids!' Well, polka dot knickers aren't that bad a sight to see. See ya's for tomorrow, and who has got their tree up because if you haven't unlucky!

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