Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday 6th December


Today was interesting. We had dance today which was fun, we got our pregnant teacher back today and she put me in the front row :) I was smiling so much it wasn't the usual me. As you see I didn't go out in my dance kit like a freak.< So we had to show our work to another class, and me being in the front thought 'Let's not get moved' and I didn't. But I forgot it :( But you seen these bottoms, they're size 10 so they were a little tight. I did the dance infront of a load of 'Popularh's babes, you know what I mean, the people who think they're so reeem'. They were in seats directly infront of me, the minute we came on my pant's thought they needed a split. I had to wear some mankly second hand ones :( She made me take the bus home today,  as I tried to get the ticket from the machine it wouldn't come out and decided to back chat me.I kept pulling it until it finally ripped and I went flying down the bus aisle, let's just say it awoke some grannies. CLOTHES SHOW LIVE TOMORROW!! SEE YA'S! 4am wake up, fml.

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