Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday 7th December

The Clothes Show Live 2011 Make Up Colour Couture

Today was interesting. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. At first I thought it would be charity shop style bits and bobs (No offence) we got there and saw a load of random fabric stalls, selling cheap tat I was thinking okay.. Saw a Juicy Couture pop shop. On the queue going in it said 'Everythings less than £15' I was thinking 'Yeah right must be fakes' we get in and see nothing around, the random tops we do see are fakes, but very disguised fakes, if this was your first experience at designer pieces you would go mad in there. Trust me, don't. I got my make-up done by (The make-up books above I fell in love with!).We found the model scouts from 'Select' they gave me a dirty look, I gave them a dirtier one back, may have passed wind in their faces.. I also went to see the catwalk show which was fabulous, those male models, yummy <3 Even saw Jade Thompson modelling (From BINTM) she had toned up a bit. Great day, annoying crowds, some dodgy dealers but oh well had fun! See ya's for tomorrow! Tomorrow will show some excellent modelling contest's for YOU to enter! The show :)

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