Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday 23rd December


Today is 'Christmas eves eve' yes I add the s because i'm cool like that.I'm not that excited to Christmas because I never really see much I like anymore, and I don't like asking for things to me it feels wrong. But, I do like that buzz of opening presents! Not like I care about the presents, but I just like the rush of ripping wrapping paper! She bought a new bathroom mat and decided to put it down in the bathroom shower. So I thought let's test out the plastic in the shower and I did. Plastic when it's new smells like burning. So I couldn't think what that burning smell was and went mad saying 'GET THAT LAPTOP OFF AND THAT TV!' and actually evacuated everyone. My family came over today to settle in for the holidays, that's my twin cousins. Damo & Katie, little terrors. Damo asked  me today (He's four years) 'Why do girls have an extra pair of bums under their tops?'. See ya's for tomorrow!

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