Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday 15th December


Today was interesting. I went to school with a whole tissue box, after practically coughing and trying to sneeze my guts out it came home empty.  I still have a blocked nose, what a waste of blowing my nose all day! I was talking to my crush one day at school, when a gay guy (Love them!) from my drama group started chasing me out of the door… It just so happened to be a big fire exit and my bag strap got caught on the handle, making me hit the floor, not so gracefully. Then I heard my friend shout my name and suddenly, as I looked up, I felt something heavy hit my head - the whole door had fallen off its hinges and on top of me! My head even cracked the glass pane in the door, I was just crouched in a ball screaming acting like a proper drama queen (Hey I was in drama) I screamed 'Call the ambulance!'. No further comments, but hey i'm alive and typing! See ya's for tomorrow!

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