Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thursday 8th December


Today interesting, more like a disappointment compared to yesterday's 'A-list' experience. Unless you call reading in form with an aggy form tutor who welcomes you by saying 'Welcome scumbags'. My outfit today was really showing off my new bling, got a cute bracelet, a pink rose ring and a purple necklace. So today I decided to walk home through a little park for some air. I had my lovely warm ugg boots on and this park looked pretty dodgey, so I walked through quickly. Someone shouted 'Kheira!' so I turned to smile, and whoops! Down I fell into the soggy, mud patch! My bag exploded with all my GCSE revision guides and my classbooks. Unless M'am/Sir enjoy the smell of doggy doo doo they won't be jolly this season. See ya's for tomorrow!

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