Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday 30th November


Today was fun as the government went too far for teachers so we got a day off. They're always arguing and taking too much money, like pickpockets but they do it with flair.We decided to go to cinema (so was the whole country) to see the amazingest film ever 'Breaking Dawn' (If you hate it it's not the point)  I was walking down the high street texting and checking the time for my bestie. I didn't see a big stone that was placed in front of me. I tripped straight over it and went smash into a man that was walking by, walking his dog, a little boney thing that started having a fit. My bag flew out of my hand too with all my sanitary towels all over him. I couldn't stop apologising but the man just stood there laughing at me. Well a bit of respect to someone apologizing? Like my tangerine colour? Shade of the season. See ya's for tomorrow.

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