Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March


Today was interesting. Yay finally the middle of the week, two days till the weekend. Thank god. Today is in fact world maths day, the joy. Having to do algebra in assembly, and then get picked on. Not like I was sleeping or anything... For cooking, I made a scrumptious 'French apple tart' which quite frankly didn't taste like french cuisine. More like crap with sugar on top of it. I thought it was done at one point, then this evil teacher came over and said give it 5 minutes. With an extra stare. I then got stuck in ICT and had an email conversation with a friend. We started talking about hair cuts. Outlook in schools signals special words and I was accused of playing with knives I believe. I was sent to the year manager too. Lmao? Somebody in trouuble. I then explained to my mum I might be meeting Keith Lemon, 'You're not hanging around that rude man'. Lol. See ya's for tomorrow!

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