Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th March


Today was interesting. I had the dance assessment, what does bug me about my bestie is that you can come into school all confident thinking, 'I'm going to ace this' and you meet her shrieking, 'NOOO. I'M GONNA FAIL, I CAN'T REMEMBER blah blah'. Then you suddenly get nervous. Curse nerves! But I smashed it, literally (It's to 'Earthquake' with a lot of punches and things, so literally did 'smash' it). Our dance teacher, I quote said, 'Excellent choreography there girls.' Nothing about how we performed it, oh well. My bra may of slipped, don't you love that when you move, you're highlighter pink strap does a boogie too. Then science, nice to know i've be degraded to a lower coloured group in my class. How offended. What's worse is it was a surprise test, surprise no time for revision, surprise not green anymore. Got a moldy yellow sticker on my book, and yellow wasn't the colour. After an infuriating lesson of being spoken to like I had disabilities. I walked home from school and there were some really good looking boys from the year above ahead of me. I carried on walking really hoping they wouldn't notice me, when one of them dropped their skateboard. I didn't see it, stepped straight on it, went flying and landed on my derriere. How rude are those older guys? And of course I was wearing a skirt so the world and his uncle saw my knickers. They thought it was hilarious. See ya's for tomorrow!

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